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1. ' Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man'. who sad this?
A. Rabindranath tagore
B. Aurobindo
C. Swami vivekanada
D. Mahatma Gandhi

2. Which philosophy believes in the five following principles-truth, non-stealing, non-violence, no sex life, non attachment.
A. Jainism
B. Buddhism
C. Hindusim
D. Islam

3. Which one of the following is the main source of educational progresses?
A. Education theory
B. Eduactional practice
C. Educational philosophy
D. Education history

4. Functions of Educational philosophy is-
A. Normative
B. Critical
C. Speculative
D. All the above
5. Weakest point of Idealistic education is-
A. Aims
B. Curriculum
C. Methods of teaching
D. Discipline

6. The moral values of life are associated with which type of philosophy:
A. Metaphysics
B. Epistemology
C. Axiology
D. Cosmology

7. Which one of the following is not a form of naturalism?
A. Physical naturalism
B. Psychological naturalism
C. Mechanical naturalism
D. Biological naturalism

8. The main aim of idealistic education is –
A. Self-realization
B. Physical development
C. Creation of institution
D. To be practical

9. “Integration of the learning process” is the key note of the philosophy of the school:
A. Idealism
B. Realism
C. Extentalism
D. pragmatism

10. Which of philosophy describes philosophy as an activity having no content:
A. Logical positivism
B. Naturalism
C. Marxism
D. Sankhya darshan




41. A statement that research inserts in his Ph.D thesis which he believes to be fact but he cannot verify. He will term this as:
A. A delimitation
B. An axiom
C. An assumption
D. A hypothesis

42. Observer’s bias cannot be controlled by:
A. Choosing observes carefully
B. Informing of observer of the nature of the study
C. Carefully training observers
D. Using two or more observers in each situation

43. Which one of the following statement is not true?
A. A phenomenon which can neither be presented or be manculated by the researcher but has occurred in the past is a subject of Historical research
B. To study a phenomenon by the researcher ‘as it where’ is a subject of descriptive reseache
C. Manipulation is dependent variable key of experimental study
D. A study which studies concomitant variation of independent and dependent variables are without being manipulated by a researcher is ex-post-facto research

44. If mean and median of distribution are equal and range is equal to 6 σ then we can say that the distribution is:
A. Normal
B. lepto kurtic
C. Plato kurtic
D. Symmetrical

45. A researcher is decided to test his hypothesis only at 0,.05 level significance. He is likely to comet:
A. Type I error
B. Type II error
C. Both Type I and Type II
D. Neither Type I or Type II

46. t-test is to test the significance of difference between:
A. Two means
B. Two co-efficiency of correlation
C. Two standard deviation
D. All of the above

47. One of the elimination of ANOVA would be its inability to indicate:
A. Interaction among variables under study
B. Effects of different variables under study
C. Independence of source(s) of variation
D. None of the above

48. If a researcher wants to study attitudes towards a social phenomenon with respect to a gender, then he has to take:
A. One variable in Ordinal scale and another in Interval scale
B. One variable in Nominal scale and another in Ratio scale
C. One variable in Nominal scale and another in Interval scale
D. One variable in Ordinal scale and another in Ratio scale

49. At any time of analysis, the data, the researcher noticed that there is a mistake in score: there is a constant error in the score: Therefore he should:
A. Ignore the mistake
B. Rescore the data
C. Ass error in each score
D. Subtract error in each score

50. “Those who enroll themselves in an exploratory vocational program me will contribute more to the society than these not enrolled in the programme.” Which one of the important characteristics of a good hypothesis is violated in the above hypothesis?
A. A hypothesis should be logically acceptable
B. A hypothesis should be concise
C. A hypothesis should be defined in operational terms
D. A hypothesis should be testable





31. The first person to devise a workable series of intelligence test was:
A. Binet
B. Raven
C. Wechsler
D. Spearmen

32. TAT is a tool which is a:
A. Observational
B. Self-reporting
C. Situational
D. Self-rating

33. The order of the structure of mind according to Freud is:
A. Super Ego-ID-Ego
B. ID-Ego-Super Ego
C. Ego-super ego-ID
D. ID-Super Ego-Ego

34. Match the following List I and List II
             List I                                             List II
A. Introversion                              1. maslow
B. Primary Mental abilities           2. vernon
C. Self actualization                      3.raven
D. Progressive metrices                4. Allport
                                                      5. thurstone
                                                      Answer: A-2, B-5, C-1, D-3

35. The term ‘Inclusive education’ refers to:
A. Education for ST/SC children
B. Education of children with disabilities along with normal ones
C. Education in multigrade settings
D. Education in children from minority groups

36. The least important qualification for a successful guidance officer is that he/she is
A. Possesses patience and perseverance
B. Has good academic qualifications
C. Is well adjusted to self and others
D. None of the above

37. Which of the following is the major advantage of conducting modern literature review?
A. Place a study of historical and association perspective
B. Identifies variables and tools of research
C. Encourage of unnecessary duplication of research
D. Provides an idea for research design

38. Match the following List I and List II
                   List I                                     List II
A. Preductive validity           1. Measure of fair representation
B. Content validity                2. Measures of content theories
C. Concurrent validity          3. Measure of product/perform
                                              4. measure of agreement with known result
                                                                       Answer: A-4, B-2,C-3

39. Standardized test are from different locally devised instrument in the way that standardized test:
A. Have norms and some technical support
B. Have greater flexibility
C. are more valid and easy
D. Have inform administration and scoring producers

40. Match the following List I and List II
                  List I                                                     List II
A. Researcher for the user by the user        1. Evaluative research
B. Researcher for applicability                    2. Fundamental research
C. Researcher for general abstract               3. Applied research
                                                                     4. Action research
                                                                     Answer: A-4, B-3, C-1





21. The formal agencies of education came into being due to:
A. Society becoming quite complex and culture developing various specialized expressions
B. Society being in need to transforming knowledge from one generation to another
C. Society and culture came together with same time
D. Society realizing the contribution every individual towards its development

22. Learning to live peacefully with others as a pillars of education gets its support from:
A. Political science
B. Economics
C. Education
D. Sociology

23. Existence of private, public schools and government schools side by side strength:
A. Social relation in the community
B. Barrier between rich the poor
C. Interaction between government and private sector
D. Learning by teaching methodology by teaching methods

24. Which of the following is not a characteristic of modernization:
A. Participation on technological development
B. Changing religious faith
C. Empathy
D. Mobility

25. Moral development proceeds in stages, was advocated by:
A. Erickson
B. Kohlberg
C. Bandura
D. Havighurst

26. Identify the wrong statement from the following:
A. Growth does not continue throughout of the life
B. Heredity sets the limits for development in terms of potential
C. Development proceeds from specific to general
D. Correlation and not compensation is the rule in development

27. Long term memory is to a large extend assisted bt:
A. Meaningful learning
B. Rote learning
C. Massed practice
D. Distributed practice

28. Which of the following is not a category in Gagne’s learning heirarchy?
A. Chain learning
B. Concept learning
C. Symbolic Association
D. Problem solving
29. Which one of the following is not a characteristic of language development:
A. Semanticity
B. Productivity
C. Tactfulness
D. Displacement

30. “Constructivist approach” is the outcome of:
A. Behavioristic psychology
B. Cognitive psychology
C. Social psychology
D. Both (b) and (c)





11.” No can live without any metaphysics. It is true even most of the thoughts less” This statement is associated with:
A. Plato
B. Huxely
C. Rousseau
D. Dewey

12. Match the following List I and List II
            List I                                          List II
A. Gitanjali                                    1. Rousseau
B. My experiments with truth       2. Gandhi
C. Social contract                          3. Plato
D. The Republic                            4. Tagore
                                                      5. Vivekananda
                                                     Answer: A-4, B-3, C-2, D-1

13. Mactch the following
                   X                                           Y
A. Library                          1. Difference in rate of change
B. Cultural                         2. Human resource development
C. Cultural lag                   3. Religion specific
D. Function of education   4. Governs aims of education
                                           5. Formal agency education
                                           Answer: A-5, B-4, C-1, D-2

14. A. ASSERTION: Scheduled caste children have tendency to drop out before finishing their schools
     B. REASON : Earning members of family are not well employed.
A. (a) and (b) are correct
B. (a) and (b) are NOT correct
C. (a) alone is correct
D. (b) alone is correct

15. Adjustment of social situation is easily possible by the individual, with the help of:
A. Cultural values learnt in school
B. Skills and knowledge acquired in the class room
C. Modern technologies known to the child
D. Exposure to social change in the school

16. Which of the following is not a non- formal agency of education?
A. Gyan darshan
B. Edusat
C. Virtual classroom
D. Play ground

17. Which of the following helps in the process of socialization?
A. Printed material
B. Meditation process
C. Playmates
D. Self-centered learning

18. Which of the following is not a barrier of social change?
A. Poverty
B. Population Exposition
C. Aristocracy
D. Parochialism

19. The concept of lifelong learning is the outcome of :
A. Shortage of schools in the country
B. People’s desire to learn
C. Country’s need for a large number of educated people
D. Dynamics of expansion of knowledge

20. Sociology of education means:
A. Applications of principles of sociology to classroom
B. Applications of principles of social learning to education
C. Applications of principles of sociology to cultural learning
D. Applications of principles of sociology to education





1. Epistemology deals with;
A. Problems of value
B. Reasoning
C. Source of knowledge
D. Something beyond the physical matter

2. “Education is the dynamic side of philosophy” this statement is associated with:
A. James Ross
B. John Dewey
C. John Adams
D. Froebel

3. How many Tirthankars are there in Jain Religion?
A. 24
B. 25
C. 26
D. 27

4. Sri Aurobindo favored mostly to one of the following methods of teaching:
A. Action method
B. Step by step method
C. Direct method
D. Indirect method

5. First Sermonin by Mahavir, the founder of Jain religion was given in--
A. Pawa puri
B. Shravasti
C. Rajrisha
D. Vaishali

6. In the constitution, the following article was not concerned with religious Education:
A. Article 15 (3)
B. Article 28 (2)
C. Article 28 (1)
D. Article 28 (3)

7. Individual aim of Education was aim on making a child:
A. Co-operative individual
B. Self-realized individual
C. Isolated of individual
D. Follower of God

8. The word pragmatism was derived from the word ‘pragma’ which means:
A. Action
B. Reaction
C. Passive Behavior
D. Thoughtless behavior

9. Which one of the following is not written by Dewey?
A. The child and the curriculum
B. How we think
C. The discovery of the child
D. Schools of tomorrow

10. Aims of complete living in education was proposed by:
A Herbart
B. Herbert spencer
C. Dewey
D. Plato