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41. A statement that research inserts in his Ph.D thesis which he believes to be fact but he cannot verify. He will term this as:
A. A delimitation
B. An axiom
C. An assumption
D. A hypothesis

42. Observer’s bias cannot be controlled by:
A. Choosing observes carefully
B. Informing of observer of the nature of the study
C. Carefully training observers
D. Using two or more observers in each situation

43. Which one of the following statement is not true?
A. A phenomenon which can neither be presented or be manculated by the researcher but has occurred in the past is a subject of Historical research
B. To study a phenomenon by the researcher ‘as it where’ is a subject of descriptive reseache
C. Manipulation is dependent variable key of experimental study
D. A study which studies concomitant variation of independent and dependent variables are without being manipulated by a researcher is ex-post-facto research

44. If mean and median of distribution are equal and range is equal to 6 σ then we can say that the distribution is:
A. Normal
B. lepto kurtic
C. Plato kurtic
D. Symmetrical

45. A researcher is decided to test his hypothesis only at 0,.05 level significance. He is likely to comet:
A. Type I error
B. Type II error
C. Both Type I and Type II
D. Neither Type I or Type II

46. t-test is to test the significance of difference between:
A. Two means
B. Two co-efficiency of correlation
C. Two standard deviation
D. All of the above

47. One of the elimination of ANOVA would be its inability to indicate:
A. Interaction among variables under study
B. Effects of different variables under study
C. Independence of source(s) of variation
D. None of the above

48. If a researcher wants to study attitudes towards a social phenomenon with respect to a gender, then he has to take:
A. One variable in Ordinal scale and another in Interval scale
B. One variable in Nominal scale and another in Ratio scale
C. One variable in Nominal scale and another in Interval scale
D. One variable in Ordinal scale and another in Ratio scale

49. At any time of analysis, the data, the researcher noticed that there is a mistake in score: there is a constant error in the score: Therefore he should:
A. Ignore the mistake
B. Rescore the data
C. Ass error in each score
D. Subtract error in each score

50. “Those who enroll themselves in an exploratory vocational program me will contribute more to the society than these not enrolled in the programme.” Which one of the important characteristics of a good hypothesis is violated in the above hypothesis?
A. A hypothesis should be logically acceptable
B. A hypothesis should be concise
C. A hypothesis should be defined in operational terms
D. A hypothesis should be testable


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