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21. The formal agencies of education came into being due to:
A. Society becoming quite complex and culture developing various specialized expressions
B. Society being in need to transforming knowledge from one generation to another
C. Society and culture came together with same time
D. Society realizing the contribution every individual towards its development

22. Learning to live peacefully with others as a pillars of education gets its support from:
A. Political science
B. Economics
C. Education
D. Sociology

23. Existence of private, public schools and government schools side by side strength:
A. Social relation in the community
B. Barrier between rich the poor
C. Interaction between government and private sector
D. Learning by teaching methodology by teaching methods

24. Which of the following is not a characteristic of modernization:
A. Participation on technological development
B. Changing religious faith
C. Empathy
D. Mobility

25. Moral development proceeds in stages, was advocated by:
A. Erickson
B. Kohlberg
C. Bandura
D. Havighurst

26. Identify the wrong statement from the following:
A. Growth does not continue throughout of the life
B. Heredity sets the limits for development in terms of potential
C. Development proceeds from specific to general
D. Correlation and not compensation is the rule in development

27. Long term memory is to a large extend assisted bt:
A. Meaningful learning
B. Rote learning
C. Massed practice
D. Distributed practice

28. Which of the following is not a category in Gagne’s learning heirarchy?
A. Chain learning
B. Concept learning
C. Symbolic Association
D. Problem solving
29. Which one of the following is not a characteristic of language development:
A. Semanticity
B. Productivity
C. Tactfulness
D. Displacement

30. “Constructivist approach” is the outcome of:
A. Behavioristic psychology
B. Cognitive psychology
C. Social psychology
D. Both (b) and (c)


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