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31. The first person to devise a workable series of intelligence test was:
A. Binet
B. Raven
C. Wechsler
D. Spearmen

32. TAT is a tool which is a:
A. Observational
B. Self-reporting
C. Situational
D. Self-rating

33. The order of the structure of mind according to Freud is:
A. Super Ego-ID-Ego
B. ID-Ego-Super Ego
C. Ego-super ego-ID
D. ID-Super Ego-Ego

34. Match the following List I and List II
             List I                                             List II
A. Introversion                              1. maslow
B. Primary Mental abilities           2. vernon
C. Self actualization                      3.raven
D. Progressive metrices                4. Allport
                                                      5. thurstone
                                                      Answer: A-2, B-5, C-1, D-3

35. The term ‘Inclusive education’ refers to:
A. Education for ST/SC children
B. Education of children with disabilities along with normal ones
C. Education in multigrade settings
D. Education in children from minority groups

36. The least important qualification for a successful guidance officer is that he/she is
A. Possesses patience and perseverance
B. Has good academic qualifications
C. Is well adjusted to self and others
D. None of the above

37. Which of the following is the major advantage of conducting modern literature review?
A. Place a study of historical and association perspective
B. Identifies variables and tools of research
C. Encourage of unnecessary duplication of research
D. Provides an idea for research design

38. Match the following List I and List II
                   List I                                     List II
A. Preductive validity           1. Measure of fair representation
B. Content validity                2. Measures of content theories
C. Concurrent validity          3. Measure of product/perform
                                              4. measure of agreement with known result
                                                                       Answer: A-4, B-2,C-3

39. Standardized test are from different locally devised instrument in the way that standardized test:
A. Have norms and some technical support
B. Have greater flexibility
C. are more valid and easy
D. Have inform administration and scoring producers

40. Match the following List I and List II
                  List I                                                     List II
A. Researcher for the user by the user        1. Evaluative research
B. Researcher for applicability                    2. Fundamental research
C. Researcher for general abstract               3. Applied research
                                                                     4. Action research
                                                                     Answer: A-4, B-3, C-1


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