Thursday, February 1, 2018


51. Among the following teachers, whom you will like the most?
(A) One who uses motion picture as a last resort.
(B) One who uses charts and map.
(C) One who uses boards occasionally?
(D)One who uses film projector along with the proper use of the board.

52. A study in which direct perception of an incident or object made is
(A) Naturalistic research
(B) Practitioner research
(C) Phenomenological research
(D) Descriptive research

53. A simple correlation was calculated between two variables after
removing the effect of a third variable from both, the resulting
correlation is called
(A) Partial correlation
(B) Part correlation
(C) Multiple correlation
(D) Canonical correlation

54. Reorganize the following steps of descriptive research in a correct sequence:
(a) Collection and processing of data
(b) Interpretation of results
(c) Identification of a problem
(d) Drawing conclusions
(e) Drafting of the report
(f) Formulation of hypothesis
          (A) f c a b d e (B) f c a e b d
          (C) c f a e b d (D) c f a b d e

55. In a survey for finding opinions of students on influence of teachers’ behavior towards them, one student said, “A teacher who cannot follow rules and regulations is of no use to anyone.” The comment points towards which behavior of a teacher?
(A) A teacher needs to be efficient in content delivery.
(B) A teacher needs to be a model to students in all aspects.
(C) A teacher first needs to be obedient before asking
Students to be so.

(D) From teacher, students learn all misbehavior.

56. The consistency of evaluation-results is measured by
(A) Objectivity
(B) Reliability
(C) Predictability
(D) Usability

57. Stratified sampling is adopted when
(A) the universe is homogeneous
(B) the universe is heterogeneous
(C) selected groups need to be studied
(D) data about the universe is not available

58. Which of the following is the first step in starting the research process?
(A) Searching sources of information
(B) Survey of related literature
(C) Identification of a broad area of research
(D) Searching for solutions to problem

59. The teacher’s major contribution towards the maximum self-
realization of the child is best affected through
(A) constant fulfillment of the child’s needs
(B) strict control of classroom activities
(C) sensitivity to pupil needs, goals and purposes
(D) strict reinforcement of academic students

60. Which of the following is the most important quality of a teacher ?
(A) Punctuality
(B) Content mastery
(C) Content mastery and communication competency
(D) Sociability


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