Thursday, February 1, 2018


61. A researcher commits Type I Error when he
(A) accepts Null hypothesis when it is false.
(B) rejects Null hypothesis when it is false.
(C) accepts Null hypothesis when it is true.
(D) rejects the Null Hypothesis when it is true.

62. The major objective of a qualitative research study is to
(A) understand a process or concept
(B) study group-differences
(C) predict relationships
(D) explain variation in measurements

63. Beginning with the “family”, which of the following constitutes correctly sequenced hierarchy of social groups ?
(A) Nation – race – class – tribe – family
(B) Family – class – race – tribe – nation
(C) Family – tribe – race – class – nation
(D) Family – race – class – tribe – nation

64. Reading readiness test does not measure the following function :
(A) Visual discrimination
(B) Verbal comprehension
(C) Number computation
(D) Letter recognition

65. Which of the following activities strictly comes under the management of teaching-learning activity ?
(A) Recruitment of teachers
(B) Preparation of time table
(C) Equipping the classrooms
(D) Appointing attending staff

66. If a student fails to answer a question in your class, you will
(A) punish her
(B)ask her to sit down
(C)try to prompt her
(D)ask another student to answer

67.The ‘standard error of a statistic’ is a measure of
(A)Sampling Fluctuation
(B)Errors of Measurement
(C)Errors of Prediction
(D)Systematic Variation

68. Which of the following gives a more accurate measure of relationship than the other three ?
(A)Spearman’s Rho
(B)Biserial Correlation
(C)Kendall’s Tau
(D)Product-moment Method

69. A democratic teacher is one who
(A)understands the socio-economic background of his students
(B)is affectionate even to poorly performing students
(C)tolerates non-relevant questions from the students
(D)tolerates even mischievous and aggressive behaviour in students

70. Find among the following behaviour which is according to professional etiquette of a teacher :
(A)Ignoring a student, who is interested in answering a question, more than once.
(B)Saying sorry to colleague on taking five minutes of her class time due to unavoidable circumstances.
(c)Coming late to class and not giving proper excuses to students.
(D)Taking extra classes to complete syllabus.


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