Tuesday, March 1, 2016



What do spices give us?
Spices, like everything else, are made of chemicals. Spices give us health, colour and fragrance and most of all they keep life from getting monotonous. Spices hide in them our traditions and culture.

let’s study about some spices which we uses in our daily kitchen.
I look like Zeera though green am I,
To make your stomach
healthy I always try,
Eat me always after your meal
I refresh your mouth, you
surely feel,
Think and tell me who am I?
Tell me quickly, who am I?- fennel seed
Fennel seed it has been traditionally used as an aid to digestion and it has many health benefits. Fennel Seeds  are very effective for digestive problems. In India, these are routinely chewed upon after meals to aid in digestion after a rich meal while acting as a herbal mouth freshener.

Fennel tea is a mild diuretic and can help flush excess water and toxins out of the body.Drinking this herbal tea can help ease a sore throat, reduce a fever and loosen phlegm from your respiratory system.

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