Tuesday, March 1, 2016



I look like a nail but a bud am I,
Chocolate brown colour and a
strong smell have I.
When your toothache
makes you shout,
I soothe the pain in your mouth.
Think and tell me who am I?
Tell me quickly, who am I?-  clove (laung)
cloves is derived from the Latin word ‘nail ‘means clavus. Cloves are normally 12-16 mm long just like nails with a tapered stem. Cloves is a flower bud of huge tropical tree. It is pink in color when is fresh and after dried it turns into rust brown color. Cloves can be used as whole, crushed or powdered one.

Cloves can be roasted and then crushed to make a fine powder with the help of grinder and can be highly used for making various types of stews, soups and marinades. Cloves is a basic part of whole garam masala, which is one of the most important reason to bring the flavor and aroma in several rice recipes, pulaos and biryanis.


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