Tuesday, March 1, 2016



What do spices give us?
Spices, like everything else, are made of chemicals. Spices give us health, colour and fragrance and most of all they keep life from getting monotonous. Spices hide in them our traditions and culture.

let’s study about some spices which we uses in our daily kitchen.

I am a small and skinny chap
Sometimes I am brown and
sometime black,
Added to hot oil and ghee
I spread my fragrance all around me,
When I am roasted.
Curd and jaljeera are favorite to me.
Think and tell me who am I?
Tell me quickly, who am I?- zeera

Cumin seeds are also known as jeera, zeera, seeragam or comino. Cumin are oblong shaped, pale or usually dark brown seeds in color. Indian recipes are greatly flavored with these cumin seeds. Cumin seeds is the form of aromatic spice with the bitter taste and very warm flavor. Cumin seeds can be used as whole, crushed or grounded one.

Whole cumin seeds are mostly used for tempering the various dals and jeera rice. Cumin seeds are widely used for different preparations of gravies and curry recipes. The Salads and various vegetarian recipes can be flavored with the tempering cumin seeds. 
They are mostly used for making butter milk (chas), lassi, soups and stews. Whole cumin seeds are great to use along with the whole garam masala for bringing the natural flavor in veg and non-veg dishes. Cumin seeds are highly used as whole, fried, toasted, roasted or powdered. You can make delicious jeera rice by tempering few cumin seeds in the butter.


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