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                                              CBSE NET/ EDUCATION JUNE -2005 

31. Negative correlation between achievement in science and language indicates that:
A. Improvement in science achievement will accompany decline in language achievement
B. Change in science achievement will not effect language achievement.
C. Decrease in science achievement will result in decrease in language achievement
D.Improvement in science achievement will result in improvement in language achievement

32.You have to select a sample of 100 boys and 100 grils from rural and urban schoolsof a block. The most suitable sampling method will be:
A. Random 
B. Purposive
D. Stratified random

33. Action research is generally useful for:
A. Research fellows
B. Policy planners
C. Improving educational practices
D. Surveyors

34. To compare mean scores of anxiety of science, arts and commerce studenys of class XII. The most appropriate statistical technique used for analysing the data related to this objective will be:
A. t-test
C. ANOVA followed by t-test provided F-value is significant
D. ANOVA followed by t-test irrespective of the status of F-value

35. Read the following statements;
1. Selection of problem is the first step of educational research
2.Variable is another name of the problem
3. Reliability co-efficient is calculated by computing correlation. so reliability co-efficient can be positive as well as negitive.
4. When ever the population is geographically wide spread, one of the most appropriate sampling technique will be cluster samping technique:
of the above satement which one is NOT correct
A. Only statement 2
B. Only statement 4
C. Statement 1,2 & 4
D. Statement 1 & 3

36. Idealism is closely associated with:
A. Plato
B. Aristotle
C. Fichte
D. Bacon

37. Match the following List I and List II:
        List I                                      List II

A. sankhya                                1. tri-pitaka
B. Buddhism                              2. satkaryavad
C. Vedanta                                 3. tri- ratna
D. Jainism                                  4. tatvamasi
                                                   5. Ashtamga yoga

38. 'Epistemology' is mainly concerned with:
A. Aims of education
B. Curriculum
C. Methods of instruction
D. Role of the teacher

39. 'whatever is experimentally verified is truth' which school of phylosophy has got faith in this dictum?
A. Idealism
B. Realism
C. Pragmatism
D. Naturalism

40. 'Man is what he makes of himself ' which school of phylosophy advocates this idea?
B. Pragmatism
C. Existentailism
D. Idealism


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