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                                              CBSE NET/ EDUCATION JUNE -2005 

21. Which of the following relates to sociological aspect of education?
A. Reservation in admission
B. Operation of blackboard
C. Free distribution of books
D. Universal retention

22. Education during the British period is more:
A. Elitist
B. Egalitarion
C. Democratic
D. Modernist

23. Which of the following is NOT probabilistic sample:
A. Snow ball sampling
B. Systematic sampling
C. Cluster sampling
D. Stratified proportionate sampling

24. Which of the following statement is NOT correct?
A. A characteristic can be a variable provided the standard deviation value is greater than zero.
B. The research title must be indicate variable, population and research method
C. Parameters are to be computed from the data of entire population
D. There is no difference between parameter and statistics in case of sample.

25. Read the following title of a research in education:
1. An evaluation of SSA programme
2. An evaluation of SSA programme in UP state
3. An evaluation of SSA programme in terms of enrolment of students in UP state
4. An evaluation of SSA programme in terms of reaction towards SSA programme of parents of students in UP state.
The most appropriate title in research in education is:
A. (2) as well as (3) titles
B. (1) and (4) titles
C. (3) as well as (4) titles
D. (1) and (2) titles

26. Clique in sociogram indicates:
A. Center of choice
B. Competent person
C. Mutual inclusive sub-group
D. Most liked person

27. Hypothesis is a statement about:
A. The relationship between two variables
B. Intelligence guess of the solution of the problem
C. The tentative solution of the problem
D. All the above

28. For computing the value of 't', one must calculate:
A. Mean deviations
B. Mean values
C. Mean as well as standard errors of differences between means
D. Standard deviation

29. In experimental research, the value manipulated by experimenter is:
A. Dependent variable
B. Independent variable
C. Extraneous variable
D. Confunding variable

30. In order to know the status of education all facilities in district, the most suitable research method will be:
A. Historical method
B. Case study method
C. Experimental method
D. Survey method

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