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                                             CBSE NET/ EDUCATION DECEMBER-2004 

31. Which of the following statement was not correct:
A. Children are active and motivated learner
B. Children construct knowledge from their experience
C. Interaction with ones physical and social environment is not a necessary condition for cognitive       development
D. Cognitive development can proceed only after certain genetically controlled changes occur
32.  Educational psychology draws its content from the studies conducted on :
A. Animals under normal conditions
B. Children under normal conditions
C. Human begin under controlled conditions
D. Animal under controlled conditions
33. Identify the most important process iearning concepts:
A. Specificationnvloved in l
B. Categorization
C. Generalization
D. Experimentation
34. In the conditioning theory of learning:
A. The subject should be in readiness to receive in unnatural stimulus
B. Unnatural stimlus follows natural stimulus
C. Response to natural stimulus required to be reinforced
D. The natural stimulus follows unnatural stimulus
35. A view that "Anything can be taught at any stage of development" was proposed by:
A. Jean Piaget
B. D.Ausubel
C. J.Bunner
D. BF.Skinner
36. If a group of children learn arithmetic skills by way of completing a project of " Celebration of Diwali Festival", this will be known as:
A. Incidental learning
B. Formal learning
C. Non-formal learning
D. Infromal learning                                                                                  

37. Match the items in list I with the items in list II and select the right matching from given options:
                List I                                                                                                 List  II
A. Testing directional hypothesis                                                          1. Biserial correlation
B. The probability of rejecting  null hypothesis                                    2. Type I error
C. Probability of incorrect rejection  of null hypothesis                        3. One-tailed test       
D. One variable is continuous and   the other is dichotomized              4. Level of significance
           Answer A -1,B-2,C-3,D-4                                                          5. Two-tailed test
38. The amount of disperson of scores about a central value is measured by:
A. Percentile rank
B. Standard deviation
39. The main purpose of a pilot study in educational research is :
A. To improve the research plan
B. To try the research tool
C.  To train the research team
D. To collect the preliminary data
40. Mean and standard deviation of a set of scores are 'M' and 'S' respectively. If K is added to every raw score, the mean and standard deviation are:
A. M,s
B. M+K,s
C. M, s+K
D. M+K, s+K
Dr.A.C.V.RAMA KUMAR.                                                                  

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