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41. Each raw score of a set of scores with mean 'M' and 's' standard deviation was doubled: The new mean and standard deviation will be:
A. M,s
B. 2M,s
C. M,2s
d. 2M,2s
42. Which of the following conclusions cannot be drawn from a significant correlation between variables 'X' and 'Y' ?
A. X and Y are vary together
B. Traits measured by X and Y are related
C. Variation in X causes variation in Y
D.  X and Y measure some common traits.
43. In an experimental study, the level of treatment have differentiated impact on the dependent variable, we can say that experiment has:
A. Satisfactory internal validity
B. High external validity
C. No internal validity
D. Satisfactory external validity
44. An investigator found that his research tool had high reliability. He can conclude that his tooL:
A. May not be valid
B. Nothing can be said about validity
C. Must have some validity
D. Is not  valid at all 
45. A population is divided into groups on the basis of socio-economic status which related to the dependent variable. Which of the following is the most appropriate method of sampling?
A. Cluster sampling
B. Quota sampling
C. Stratified sampling
D. Systematic sampling
46. An operational definition of a variable is one that:
A. Helps in understanding the meaning of the variable
B. Provides directions for measuring the variables
C. Helps in stating its relationship with other variable
D. Provides directions for controlled the variables
47. An investigator approached the near by schools and collected the data from those which cooperated. such a sample is termed as:
A. Simple random sample
B. Stratified sample
C. Systematic sample
D. Incidental sample
48. which of the following phenomena is not common to Experimental and Expost facto researches?
A. Manipulation of independent variables
B. Control of extraneous variables
C. Study of cause and effect relationship
D. Mesurement of dependent variable
49. A researcher obtained a correlation coefficient of 70 between X nd Y. This means that the variance is common to both the variable is:
A. 70%
B. 51%
C. 49%
D. 30%
50. Match the items in list I with the items in list II and select the right matching from given options:
                List I                                                   List  II
A. Standard error                                        1. Analysis of variance
B. Parameter                                               2. Correlation coefficient
C. Coefficient of determination                  3. Population
D. Degree of freedom                                 4. Normal curve
                                                                    5. sampling distribution
                                                                       Answer A-4,B-1,C-3,D-2


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