Thursday, January 14, 2016


Let us see the house of chhotu. Oh , no chhotu is living in a pipie.
His house is a cement pipe. chhotu arrange every around his house.

Chhotu ‘s first time he came to Mumbai. Pic of Mumbai wow what big city is this.  In village chhuto saw small house and huts.  All the roads are filled with big bungalows and apartments. And people are very busy in their life.

 Let us see how many types of houses are there.
There are two types of houses
1. temporary house. 2. Permanent house
Temporary house are also called kwacha-house. These are made up mud and straw. People who can stay for some time they made temporary houses. Examples ; hut, tents,

Permanente houses are called pucca-house. These are made up of cement, steel, bricks and sand. Bungalows and apartments. People live at one place for long they made permanent houses.
People made different types of houses depending upon the climate. and  their work. Some people who live on hill places they made a house on the tree or wooden house.
Some are made water boat-house. Some are stay temporary in tents.

People who in cold places they made there houses with igloos. Eskimos live in it.
People who are living on the hills their are made house with wood.

Let now the parts of a houseIn a house we have veranda, dinning-hall, bed-room, reading-room, kitchen-room, storeroom, common- hall and we have a garden around our house.

We spend most of time in common-hall with our family members. We use. Veranda, to take rest and relax. Dinning-hall for lunch and dinner.
Bed-room for sleeping. Reading-room for reading, writing and prepare.
Kitchen –room for preparing food. Store- room for to keep our extra things.

House should have windows and doors. Windows and doors allow sunlight inside. Sunlight kill the germs and it give light for us. House protect us heat, cold, rain and enemies. It gives shelter for us.
The area around your house. we should keep clean. We should throw garbage in dust bin. 
Mosquitoes and germs fly on the garbage. And they spread diseases make us sick.
Look, how beautifully Lata's
Lata’s house is decorated. Because they are celebrating festivals. Ask your friends when and how they decorate their houses. We decorate our house flower, leaves, curtains and rangolis.

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