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Did all the children in the class eat the same food items yesterday? Why? you feel  hungry when food is digested in our stomach  at that you feel to eat.
Let us talk about those things that we do eat. Put on the things that you eat often rice ,wheat ,barley oats, maize millet kappa (tapioca) ragi.
Most of our food is made of these things. We get food from plants and animals. Depending on what grows easily at which place, different things are eaten at different places. We not only eat different things but we also use the same things to prepare a variety of food items.
What is the real purpose of eating food?
Is it only taste or in any reasons behind it?
Food helps us to grow, to give energy, to be healthy.To Gr
There are  useful substances in food that provide you all these three are called  Nutrients. 
They are different types nutrients are present in food we can also call them components of food Carbohydrates, Proteins, vitamins, fats, water and roughage.
Let us study some of the food items which are rich in carbohydrates.
Carbohydrates -Mainly provide energy to our body.
Ex: Rice:
 potato and sweat potato:
 maize and sugarcane:
Proteins are needed for the growth and repair of our body. 
There are called Body building food.
Ex: Milk:
Children some times if you are not eating food also you will get energy? How? Have you  know a type of food that store energy in our body? Let us study..
Fats stored food in our body. Excess of fat food contains –obesity.
Ex: Groundnuts, coconut oil, vegetable oil, olive oil, nuts

Who will protect our body from enemies? Do you know a type Nutritious food that protect our body from enemies.Vitamins and Minerals. 
Vitamins help in protecting our body against diseases. They also keep our eyes, bones teeth and gums healthy.

Minerals are required in small amounts in our body. They are essential for proper growth of body and for maintaining good health.

So we need to have a little of all kinds of food every day to get all the Nutrients and roughage etc.This type of diet is called A balanced diet .A balanced diet should contains 50% carbohydrate,35%fats,12%protiens. 3%  vitamins & minerals and sufficient  amount of  water.

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