Friday, January 15, 2016


My name is Naseem. I live in Srinagar. Since yesterday there is lot of activity in our school. It will go on for a week. Do you know why ? There is a camp being held in our school. Children have come from many places for the camp. Tents have been put up in the ground for everyone to stay.

We have decorated the school beautifully. Some children have used pieces of cloth to make streamers for the doors. Some have made posters using almond shells while others have made rangolis using dry leaves and saw dust.

Today is the first day of the camp. We are very happy. In the morning we all got together and sat down on the ground in a circle. Each of us introduced ourselves and spoke about where we came from and what we liked to eat.

Children brought pictures of their families and their homes. Everyone spoke about their homes. Bhupen’s group was the first to talk.

I have come from Molan village in Assam. It rains heavily in our place. Hence our houses are made almost ten to twelve feet above the ground. They are made on strong bamboo pillars. The insides of our houses are also made of wood.

I have come from Manali which is a hilly area. At our place it rains heavily and snows as well. When it is very cold, we like to sit in the sun. Our houses are made of stone or wood.

Mitali and Anuj have come from Delhi. They showed pictures of Delhi to everyone. In one picture, seeing very high buildings, Bhupen said – Oh ! such tall houses. How do you climb up ?

New Delhi is the capital of India. People from villages and towns come to big cities like Delhi in search of work. These people often settle in the city. There are a large number of people living here and the space is less.

Many people do not have houses at all. They have to live in slums – and many people do not have that either. People sleep wherever they find place on the road, on the footpath, at the station... Indeed, shelter is a major problem in big cities.

I have come from Rajasthan. Rainfall is very scarce in our area. It is very hot too. We live in mud houses. The walls of the houses are very thick. These walls are plastered with mud. The roofs are made of thorny bushes.

In the same way, all the groups spoke about their houses. After the introduction, a cultural programme was held. The children performed various Bharatanatyam, Kathakali, Kathak, Manipuri, kuchupudi,bhangra etc.

children  sang folk songs in their own languages. Assamese, Bengali, Bhili/Bhilodo, Bodo, Dogri, Gujarat, , Gondi, Hindi, Konkani, ,Khandesh, Kanada, Kashimiri, Telugu, Marathi, Maithili,Tamil, Malayam, Manipure, Mundari, Nepali, Odia,Punjabi, Santali, Tulu, Urdu, Etc.Everybody had kahwa with almonds and cardamom.

We really enjoyed ourselves. In the evening we all went to the Dal lake. We saw a houseboat. We sat in a shikara and some children moved the oars. We saw the Char Chinari surrounded by blue mountains. In the same way, all the groups spoke about their houses.


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