Friday, January 15, 2016


The Train Come on children, let’s play a game
Climb aboard the chugging train!
 Blow your whistles and take your seats
Onto shoulders, if you please!
Forward, backward, backward forward,
But in a line, don’t run outward!
Stay in line, and shut your eyes
With open eyes, you’ll nothing spy.
On roads of iron, we move to and fro,
Here come the lights, and there they go.
Across the meadows, over the hills,
Past aging farmers, temples, mills.
Past village wells and a lush green field
With broken walls, and a potato field
Smoky clouds,Fairs and crowds.
Village fairs,Riders on mares.
Flocks of birds,
Clustered huts.
Bridges and paths,
Dhobi ghats.
Small tea-shops,
Puddles and flocks
Come, let's meet some children and find out how they spent
their vacations.
I went to my uncle who lives in Delhi. Earlier, we used to go from the railway station to his house in a……..
But this time it was great fun. We went by the which went through an underground tunnel. We did not even come to know that were running on the road above the tunnel. was my bua’s wedding. I met many relatives. We had a good time eating, drinking and playing.
Bhaiya came from America in an . Imagine, he came from so far but reached here in one day! Bua looked very beautiful when she was going in the……. I went to my nani ’s house in Kerala. Where she lives, there is water everywhere. From the station, we could have taken a or a to reach her house.
Instead, we took a straight to her house. It felt a little strange but we had fun.We went to Shimla during the vacations. The moved on the zig-zag roads on high mountains. It was very scray when we looked down. We had to walk long distances in Shimla. My dadi would get tired very quickly. We would make her ride on the .I never got tired, I enjoyed walking.
My khala lives very close to our house. Whenever I feel like going to her, I quickly climb on my and rush to her place. Ma and Chhotu have to take a to go to nani ’s house.
I went to my mamaji’s village. From the railway station there is no bus going to his village. So we went in a........ We crossed lush green fields on the way to the village. I loved the sounds of the bells tied around the necks of the bulls.
Transportation is the movement of people and goods over time and space.

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