Friday, January 15, 2016


The children in the class were startled on hearing the sound tak. The sound came from the ceiling fan. Kalyani shouted.. Look, look a bird is hurt. Peter got up at once and picked up the bird. It was in pain.
 Navjyot and Ali quickly brought water in a bowl. Peter lovingly patted the bird. They held the bowl to the bird’s beak. It drank a little water and slowly started flapping its wings. Navjyot told all the children to move back. They noticed that the bird was trying to fly. In a while, the bird flew away...

Next day the children saw a bird circling above them in their classroom. The children tried to find out whether it was the same bird that was hurt the previous day. They quickly switched off the fan and started to clap.

Shankar was very happy. A cat had given birth to four kittens in the courtyard of his house. He started spending his free time with them. One morning shankar was woken up by the cat’s cry. He ran towards the courtyard.

He saw that the cat was crying and cuddling its three kittens. One of the kittens was missing. He went outside and found Malini patting a kitten. Shankar called Malini into his courtyard. Malini saw the cat crying. Children let us what happen to Shankar kitten.

Bholi is Meenu’s cow. Meenu takes Bholi to the field to graze daily. One day a speeding scooter hit Bholi and hurt her leg. The wound was bleeding heavily.

Chandu Dhobi looks after his donkey very well. The donkey too does a lot of his work. Look at the pictures and write what are the things that Chandu does for his donkey.

If we want to truly lead a life of “Love thy neighbor,” our neighbors should include our animal friends, especially since they harm us in no way.They only beautify our lives; they are loving, and they make our lives more lively, colorful and interesting. We should preserve them, watch them, love them and enjoy their presence. 

All  the animals to befriend you and help you. Animals are our best friends and probably the only ones  love us and do not judge us.


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