Thursday, November 8, 2018



1. When the findings of an experimental research are generalized to target population, the research is said to possess
(A) Internal validity
(B) Concurrent validity
(C) External validity
(D) Predictive validity

2. Which of the following do lay the foundation for curriculum?
(A) Societal Priorities, Government and Resources
(B) Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology
(C) Study materials, Training facilities and Societal needs
(D) Psychological bases of Education

3. Which of the following is an example of Summative Evaluation for Standard IX?
(A) Quarterly Examination
(B) Half-yearly Examination
(C) Annual examination
(D) Mid-Term Tests

4. Multiple choice question is an example of which of the following method of studying the process of remembering and forgetting?
(A) Recall
(B) Re-learning
(C) Recognition
(D) Reconstruction

5. The concept of advance organised was developed by
(A) Bruner
(B) Ausubel
(C) Erikson
(D) Kohlberg

6. Strong’s Vocational Interest Blank Test consists of
(A) 100 items
(B) 200 items
(C) 300 items
(D) 400 items

7. Which of the following correct order comes under Maslow’s hierarchy of needs?
(A) Self actualization, safety, love, esteem
(B) Physiological need, self actualization, esteem, safety
(C) Physiological need, safety, love, esteem
(D) Physiological need, esteem, self actualization, love

8. The Web.2 technologies which are helping in acquiring multiple knowledge are:
(A) U-Tube
(B) Face Book
(C) Wikipedia
(D) All the above

9. The word cybernetics was first used by
(A) Norbert Wiener
(B) Claude E. Shannan
(C) Warren Weaver Model
(D) Aristotle

10. Education does not include the following resources
(A) Human resources
(B) Material resources
(C) Water resources
(D) Financial resources

11. Phenomenology is a method basically used in
(A) Educational research
(B) Philosophical research
(C) Historical research
(D) Experimental research

12. The status-quo of a situation in research can be studied through:
(A) Experimental research
(B) Survey research
(C) Historical research
(D) Phenomenological research

13. Which of the following is incorrect as a measure of dispersion?
(A) Quartile Deviation
(B) Range
(C) Standard Deviation
(D) Sampling Error

14. Selection Test for admission to teacher training program was suggested by

15. NCTE was established by an act of Parliament in
(A) 1975
(B) 1995
(C) 1996
(D) 1986

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