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31. Which of the following is not an example of inter-individual difference?
(A) The child is black in color.
(B) The child is fat.
(C) The child likes potato.
(D) The nose of the child is sharp.

32. Identity versus role confusion is a characteristic of
(A) Childhood stage
(B) Adolescence stage
(C) Infancy stage
(D) Early childhood stage

33. The effectiveness of a multi-media approach in teaching can be answered through
(A) Experimentation
(B) Survey
(C) Case-studies
(D) Longitudinal studies

34. In 1974-75 NCERT used Radio vision lessons, Television Discussions and Activities to train in service primary school teachers in Science. This is an example of
(A) Integrated Approach
(B) Group-oriented Approach
(C) Multi-Media Approach
(D) Team Teaching Approach

35. What is the important objective of economic planning?
(A) Planned development
(B) Eradication of poverty
(C) Total employment
(D) More per capita income

36. The system analysis relates to
(A) Input aspect
(B) Product aspect
(C) Process aspect
(D) Resource aspect

37. The control of extraneous variables in experimental research after the treatment is given can be done through a technique called
(A) Statistical Regression
(B) Post-Test
(C) One-way ANOVA
(D) Analysis of Co-variance

38. Which of the following is incorrect pairing?
(A) Product moment coefficient of correlation r
(B) Chi Square χ2
(C) Multiple correlation R
(D) Standard deviation ρ

39. A survey of population is equivalent to
(A) Census Survey
(B) Sample Survey
(C) Group Survey
(D) None of the above

40. The book “Learning – The Treasure Within” is authored b
(A) J.S. Rajput
(B) N. Bennett
(C) J. Delors
(D) J. Halak

41. Operation Black-Board Programe was introduced to improve
(A) Teacher Education
(B) Primary Education
(C) Secondary Education
(D) Higher Education

42. An investigator conducted the factor analysis of tests to be used in research. It means, he was interested in
(A) Content validity
(B) Criterion validity
(C) Construct validity
(D) Predictive validity

43. Special Education Courses are controlled by
(A) Special Education Council of India
(B) Rehabilitation Council of India
(C) National Council of Teacher Education
(D) Medical Council of India

44. Students with Hearing Impairment require
(A) Auditory Training
(B) Language Training
(C) Speech Training
(D) All the above

45. The main purpose of Navodaya Vidyalayas is to give education to 
(A) Rural talented students
(B) Urban students
(C) Girls students only
(D) Rural students

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