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21. The son of a rickshaw puller struggles and becomes an engineer. This is an example of
(A) Social change
(B) Social stratification
(C) Social mobility 
(D) Social cohesion 
22. An example of Social Stratification is
I. People with different status living in an area.
II. A society divided into different social status.
III. A separate colony in which only class III government employees live.
IV. A society consisting of upper and lower castes.
(A) All the above statements are correct.
(B) Statements I, II and IV are correct.
(C) Statements I, II and III are correct.
(D) Statements II, III and IV are correct.

23. Equality of opportunities in education implies that each student
(A) passes examination with first division.
(B) gets equal number of books and stationery.
(C) gets facilities according to his abilities and interests.
(D) gets facilities according to his potential and level in the society.

24. Disadvantaged sections of society consist of
I. Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes
II. Women
III. Physically handicapped
IV. Rural people
(A) All the above
(B) Only I, II and III
(C) Only II, III and IV
(D) Only I, II and IV

25. Introspection method lacks in
(A) Reliability
(B) Validity
(C) Objectivity
(D) All the above three

26. Which of the following is not a principle of development ?
(A) Principle of continuity.
(B) Principle of individual difference.
(C) Principle of proceeding from specific to general response.
(D) Principle of integration.

27. Development of language in children, according to B.F. Skinner, is the result of
(A) Training in grammar
(B) Imitation and reinforcement
(C) Innate abilities
(D) Maturation

28. Behaviour pattern that increases in frequency when followed by a reward is known as
(A) Shaping
(B) Classical Conditioning
(C) Generalization
(D) Operant Conditioning

29. Find out the odd one :
(A) Originality
(B) Punctuality
(C) Flexibility
(D) Fluency

30. Who propounded Self Theory of Personality ?
(A) Kretschmer
(B) Allport
(C) Eysenck
(D) Roger


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