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41. District Primary Education Programme (DPEP) was started in
(A) 1990
(B) 1994
(C) 1998
(D) 1996

42. Supervision is a continuous activity whereas Inspection is a
(A) general activity in a common place
(B) special activity in a given moment
(C) complex activity in a situation
(D) specific activity in a specific time

43. Who propounded the ‘self’ theory of personality ?
(A) Kretschmar
(B) Allport
(C) Eysenck
(D) Roger

44. Match the following List – I with List – II in correct order :
                List – I                                   List – II
a. Classical conditioning                   i. Kohler
b. Drive reduction                             ii. Hull
c. Sign Gestalt learning                     iii. Pavlov
d. Learning by insight                       iv. Skinner
                                                          v. Tolman
Codes : 
 (A) iv ii v i
(B) iii ii v i
(C) iv ii i v
(D) iii ii i v

45. In the List – I name of the Psychologists are given and in List – II the theories developed by them. Match the List – I with List – II in correct order :
            List – I                                            List – II
a. Freud                                     i. Two factor theory
b. Spearman                              ii. Creativity
c. Rorschac                               iii. Psycho-analysis
d. Torrance                                iv. Projective technique
                                                  v. Multifactor theory
Codes :
(A) i iii ii iv
(B) ii v iii iv
(C) iv iii v ii
(D) iii i iv ii

46. University Education Commission constituted in 1948 was appointed by
(A) Ministry of Human Resource Development
(B) Ministry of Education

47. Rearrange the following steps of social learning theory as given by Bandura :
a. Remembering the behaviour.
b. Connecting the memory in action.
c. Reinforcement of the imitated behaviour.
d. Attending and perceiving the behaviour.
(A) b, a, d, c
(B) d, a, b, c

(C) a, b, d, c
(D) d, a, c, b

48. Education falls under the
(A) Concurrent List
(B) Fundamental Rights
(C) Constitution of India
(D) State List

49. Critically judge the following :
Assertion (A) : Motivation is important in the process of teaching and learning. Reason (R) : Motivation is attraction towards a goal and clarifies its meaning.
(A) Both (A) and (R) are incorrect.
(B) Only (A) is correct.
(C) Only (R) is correct.
(D) Both (A) and (R) are correct.

50. Curriculum means
(A) all the experiences which students get in school.
(B) subject that are transferred by the faculty.
(C) syllabus prescribed for the course.
(D) class experiences, sports and games. 


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