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11. Which part of Indian Constitution allows every citizen to impart education as per ones own religion ?
(A) Directive Principles
(B) Concurrent list of centre and the States
(C) Democratic rights
(D) Fundamental Rights

12. Who is not in favour of logical analysis ?
(A) Kant
(B) Bertrand Russel
(C) Ludwig Wittgenstein
(D) G.E. Moore

13. The great sociologist who held the view that “education doesn’t bring
about social change; rather the social change results into an educational change” was
(A) McDougal
(B) Aristotle
(C) Durkheim
(D) Dewey

14. Why is school considered a miniature society ?
(A) Though small in number, school inmates come from society only
(B) School children are of lower age group than society members
(C) Like a chicken develops into an adult, school children develop into adult society members
(D) The number of school inmates is less than the number of society members

15. Why is mother regarded as the first teacher of a child ?
I. The basic learning of the child occurs in the company of mother only.
II. Informal learning of the child with the mother is more effective than the formal learning in later years of life.
III. The child lives in the womb of the mother for 9 months.
IV. The mother tries to impart her best to the child.
(A) All the above four statements are correct.
(B) Only statements II and III are correct.
(C) Only statements II and IV are correct.
(D) Only statements I and II are correct.

16. By community we mean a group of people with
(A) Same caste, class, religion or profession
(B) People with similar aim
(C) Similar aim and at least one factor as common among caste, class, religion, profession or belief
(D) None of the above

17. Teaching Political Science to learners helps in
I. Developing leadership skills in them.
II. Developing political consciousness among them.
III. Inculcating democratic values in them.
IV. Developing awareness about social issues in them.
(A) All the above statements are correct.
(B) Only statements I, II and III are correct.
(C) Only statements II, III and IV are correct.
(D) Only statements, I, II and IV are correct.

18. Religion is an institution because

(A) It teaches religion to people
(B) It discharges an important social function
(C) It imparts moral and spiritual education to people
(D) It gives respect to the individual in society.

19. Which of the following mobility is not related to modernization ?
(A) Psychic mobility
(B) Scientific mobility
(C) Social mobility
(D) Physical mobility

20. Teaching how to respect elders and talk to them is an example of
(A) Social cohesion
(B) Social change
(C) Socialization
(D) Social adjustment


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