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41. A curve is platykurtic when
(A) KU = 0.263
(B) KU > 0.263
(C) KU < 0.263
(D) KU = 0.236

42. If null hypothesis is rejected when it is true, it indicates
(A) Sampling error
(B) Type II error
(C) Standard error
(D) Type I error

43. Find correct match for the term in List – I with that in 
List – II : 

List – I                               List – II 
i. Predictive validity    1. Measure of theoretical processes 
ii. Concurrent validity 2. Measure of fair representation of content 
iii. Construct validity  3. Measure of Performance/ Product 
4. Measure of Agreement with known results 
(A) 2 3 1
(B) 4 2 1
(C) 3 4 2
(D) 3 4 1

44. A researcher wishes to study achievement in a school subject with respect to the intelligence. In this case, he has to select
(A) one variable in nominal scale and other in interval scale.
(B) one variable in ratio scale and other in nominal scale.
(C) both the variables in interval scale.
(D) both the variables in ratio scale.

45. Which of the following tests will you use to find out whether children’s motivation to succeed at school is related to size, ethnicity and socio-economic status of their families ?
(A) Chi-square
(B) Kruskel-Wallis test
(C) Multiple regression
(D) Two-way ANOVA

46. In a correlational study between two variables, a researcher obtained ‘r’ from 17 subjects. Which one of the following minimum values he should take for the ‘r’ to be significant at 0.01 level ? [Given, at df = 17, r0.01 = 0.575; df = 16, r0.01 = 0.590; df = 15, r0.01 = 0.606 and df = 14, r 0.01 = 0.623]
(A) 0.606 and above
(B) 0.590 and above
(C) 0.575 and above
(D) 0.623 and above

47. A researcher has evaluated responses of the students and committed a constant error of 3 by overmarking. How will the mean of the group be affected ?
(A) It would increase by 3.
(B) It would decrease by 3.
(C) It would increase by 3 divided by number in the group.
(D) It will remain unaffected.

48. Which one of the following assumptions cannot be tested through a research hypothesis ?
(A) Growth of intellect does not depend on age and training of any child.
(B) Prejudiced people develop negative attitude towards an object they dislike.
(C) Academic aptitude is contributory function of academic achievement.
(D) Learning is facilitated by advance organizers.

49. A researcher has developed a personality inventory. He has got data from normal and abnormal persons on items in the form of ‘Agree’ and ‘Disagree’ with the statement. Which of the following would be the best technique to determine item discrimination ?
(A) Tetrachoric
(B) Phi-coefficient
(C) Point-biserial
(D) Biserial

50. Which of the following is the definitive characteristic of qualitative research ?
(A) Researcher’s subjective reflectivity.
(B) Use of Interview as the major technique.
(C) Ambiguity in generalizations.
(D) Convenient sampling.


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