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21. What are the two vital functions, a national system of education has to perform ?
(A) Tradition preserving and growth facilitating.
(B) Termination for some students and preparation for others at the end of secondary stage of Education.
(C) Amassing information and knowledge and passing on to future generation.
(D) Helping the learners to get a livelihood and helping him to gain scholarship.

22. Which of the following is a powerful barrier against vertical mobility in India ? (A) Occupations
(B) Salary and other income resources
(C) Caste distinction
(D) Not knowing the national language

23. What is meant by the term socialization ?
(A) Participation in social service.
(B) Teaching rural masses how to keep their homes and streets clean.
(C) Process of interaction among members of the society and imbibing social values.
(D) Influence exerted on the illiterate, rural masses, by social organizations to send their children to schools.

24. Which of the following is not a primary function of secondary schools ?
(A) Reorganization and Reconstruction of human experiences.
(B) Making children self-reliant.
(C) Development of personality.
(D) Advancement of culture.

25. You are being given a list of psychologists
(Col. – A) and some terms (Col. – B) associated with them. You have to match them.
Col. – A              Col. – B
i. Allport         1. Fictional Finalism
ii. Jung            2. Analytic Psychology
iii. Eysenk       3. Sex
iv. Adler          4. Functional Autonomy
                         5. Dimensions of Personality
Codes : (A) 1 2 3 5 (B) 4 5 2 1 (C) 4 2 5 1 (D) 2 3 4 5

26. Which of the following best describes a motive ?
(A) A desire for social approval.
(B) An object or condition which can be used to induce desirable behavior.
(C) The object towards which an organization is drawn to satisfy a need.
(D) Some form of inner impulsion to certain behavior.

27. Which of the following best accounts for the development of self concept ?

(A) Individual’s need for approval.
(B) An apparently inborn drive towards self-concept.
(C) An apparently inborn sense of right and wrong.
(D) An apparently inborn drive towards avoidance of conflict in one’s personality.

28. The best way to motivate a child to learn is
(A) to appeal to his/her sense of pride and self-respect.
(B) to re channel the motives he/she already has.
(C) to threaten him/her with failure and punishment.
(D) to tempt him/her with praise.

29. For maximum reinforcement effect, a given reward should
(A) be applied immediately upon the response.
(B) be applied immediately preceding the response.
(C) be applied simultaneously with the response.
(D) follow the response only after a substantial delay.

30. Transfer of learning occurs most rapidly when there are _______ between two situations.
(A) associative cues
(B) identical elements
(C) logical relationships
(D) invariant relationships


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