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41. To test significance of difference between two means, t-test can be used only when
(A) Scale of measurement is nominal.
(B) Scale of measurement is interval and distribution is not badly skewed.
(C) Scale of measurement is ordinal and distribution is normal.
(D) Scale of measurement is interval and badly distribution is skewed.
42. If the only hypothesis of a study were to see the effect of a method on the performance of 8 year olds and 10 year olds, what type of research would it be ? 

(A) Experimental
(B) Ex Post Facto
(C) Causal comparative
(D) Correlational study

43. A test manual gives detailed information about reliability, validity and percentiles. This is a part of
(A) Descriptive statistics
(B) Inferential statistics
(C) Descriptive and inferential statistics
(D) None of the above

44. From the List-I match the statements given in List-II. 
            List-I                         List-II 
(i) Research for analysis       1. Fundamental Research 
(ii) Research for solution by the user 2. Applied Research 
(iii) Research for theory construction 3. Evaluative Research 
4. Action Research 
(A) 1 3 2
(B) 3 4 1
(C) 3 4 2
(D) 3 1 4

45. Which one of the following is a necessary condition to use ‘r’ (product moment correlation) in regression equation ?
(A) Sample should be heterogeneous.
(B) Sample should not be more than 30.
(C) Relationship should be linear.
(D) Relationship should be curvilinear.

46. A researcher has developed an achievement test. He has got the data of upper group and lower group on this test. In order to find the reliability of an item, which of the following would be the most suitable test ?
(A) Biserial
(B) Point Biserial
(C) Phi-coefficient
(D) Partial coefficient of correlation

47. A researcher has evaluated responses of the students and committed a constant error of 2 by overmarking. How will the variability of the group be affected ?
(A) Variability would increase by 2
(B) Variability would increase by 2
(C) Variability would increase by 4
(D) It will remain unaffected.

48. Match the items in List-I with those in List-II. 
        List – I                                List – II 
(i) Historical research          1. Clinical data 
(ii) Descriptive research      2. Longitudinal studies 
(iii) Experimental research 3. Internal inconsistencies                      4. External criticism of data 
                                              5. External validity 
(A) 2 1 5
(B) 4 2 5
(C) 1 2 4
(D) 5 3 4

49. When the nature of population from which samples is drawn is not known to be normally distributed the data can be analysed with the help of
(A) Parametric statistics
(B) Descriptive statistics
(C) Non-parametric statistics
(D) None of the above

50. Which of the following types of validity is least quantifiable ?
(A) Content
(B) Concurrent
(C) Construct
(D) Predictive



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