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41. Which of the following objectives belongs to effective domain?
A. Developing reading comprehensive
B, Developing skills to drive a car
C. Developing a set of concepts
D. Developing a favorable attitude towards education

42. The internal validity of an experimental research is related to :
A. Variation in the independent variable
B. Effective controls of intervening variables
C. Variation in the dependent variable
D. Accuracy of measurement variables

43. In a distribution, 27% scores are below the raw score of 36. Which of the following statement is true?
A. 36 students have score of 27
B. 36 is the score of 27 students
C. Percentile rank of 36 is 27
D. Percentile rank of 27 is 36

44. A set of scores has a mean ‘M’ and standard deviation is ‘s’ if every score is tripled the mean and standard deviation would be:
A. M,S
B. 3 M, S
C. M, 3S
D. 3M, 3S

45. If deviation of each score of a distribution from the mean is divided by standard deviation, the resulting scores are called:
A. T-scores
B. Z- Scores
C. t- scores
D. d-scores

46. Correlation between a continuous variable and a dichotomized variable is computes by using:
A. Biserial correlation method
B. Product moment method
C. Rank differnce method
D. Multiple correlation method

47. Likert’s method is used to prepare an:
A. Achievement test
B. Aptitude test
C. Attitude test
D. Ability test

48. A study aimed at finding out the feasibility of a new method of a teaching may be classified as;
A. Action research
B. Descriptive research
C. Experimental research
D. Survey research

49. which combination of the following points is true of non-parametric methods?
A. Do not demand assumption of the population
B. Actual scores are used in calculation
C. Generalization are not seems to be realistic
D. They are also called distribution free methods
Answer 2,3,4

50. Match the following List-I and List-II
             List-I                                                     List-II
A. Standard deviation   1. Difference between mean and a score
B. Quartile deviation     2. Difference between high score and                                                        low score
C. Score deviation          3. Average of all deviation
D. Mean deviation         4. Root mean square deviation
                                         5. semi inter quartile range




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