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21. The social heritage of the people could be describe by which of the following terms:
A. Culture
B. Social norms
C. Transmission
D. Human involvement

22. The term ’sub-culture’ is used to indicate:
A. The culture of the lower strata of the society
B. The believes and customs of traditional social groups
C. The culture of different groups of societies
D. The traditions and ideas of tribal groups of society

23. Which of the following is not a characteristic of modernization:
A. Religious faith
B. Participation
C. Mobility
D. Empathy

24. Talcott parson’s theory of functionalism considers the significance of which of the following system is not appropriate:
A. Economic system
B. Personal system
C. Cultural system
D. Social system

25. Adult education’s main objective is to:
A. Enable the adults to read and write
B. Teach adults to be able to understand what they read
C. Help adults achieve literacy along with personal development
D. Socialise the adults to move about freely

26. To help young children to acquire performance skills the teacher should set:
A. Time limit for performance
B. Proximal goals for skills
C. Digital goals for skills
D. Minimum standard for performances

27. Who said has ____’personality is located in the brain______, no brain, no personality”?
A. Raymond Bernard Cattell
B. Henrey A Murray
C. Hans J. Eysenk
D. Kurt lewin

28. Who among the following psychologists developed first systematic theory of personality’
A. H. Erikson
B. Sigmond freud
C. Harry stack Sullivan
D. Gastav jung

29. Who of the author of the ‘principle of synchronicity’
A. . H. Erikson
B. Sigmond freud
C. Henray murray
D. Gastav jung

30. Programmed instruction is am example of auot-instruction. It is based on the theory given by:
A. Davis Ausubel
B. Albert bandura
C. B.F.Skinner
D. Bloom


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