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21. What does social change mean ? 

(A) Social Mobility 
(B) Change in Education System 
(C) Change in Government 
(D) Social Progress

22. What change in Education is necessitated by Globalization ? 
(A) Equality of Educational Opportunities 
(B) Modernization of Education 
(C) Vertical Mobility 
(D) Cultural Diffusion

23. “Society and Education are interconnected and intricately connected, so that one cannot thrive in the absence of the other.” Why ? 
(A) Education modernizes Agriculture, Industry, Science and Technology and National Defence. 
(B) Education helps to do away with Social Divisions. 
(C) Education makes people selfemployable. (D) Education sustains human life, preserves existing culture, creates new culture and integrates both.

24. Countries, small and big, are spending colossal amounts on Education. Investment in Education is the single, largest item of expenditure, next to defence, in many countries.” What is the educational and sociological justification for this ? 
(A) Education raises the standard of living of people. 
(B) Education has become a pressing need under Globalization.
(C) Education helps to procure security, prosperity and social well-being to all.
(D) Education produces competent people to handle Defence Equipments.

25. The first psychological laboratory was established by 
(A) Galton 
(B) Cattell 
(C) Pestallozzi 
(D) Wundt

26. According to Piaget the third stage of cognitive development is 
(A) Concrete operational 
(B) Sensory motor 
(C) Pre-operational 
(D) Formal operational

27. A child was pricked by the thorn of a red rose and got hurt. Later on he/she started expressing fear towards a red dress and now anything red in colour. This is an example of 

(A) A stimulus generalization
(B) A response generalization 
(C) Both a stimulus and a response generalization 
(D) Neither a stimulus generalization nor a response generalization

28. Match the following :
List – I                                            List – II
(Stages of development)     (Psychological crisis)
I. Infancy                     1. Initiative Vs Guilt 
II. Adolescence            2. Trust Vs. Mistrust
III. Young Adulthood 3. Identity Vs. Role Confusion
IV. Middle Adulthood 4. Intimacy and solidarity Vs. Isolation
                                      5. Generativity Vs. Stagnation
(A) 2 3 4 5
(B) 3 4 2 1
(C) 5 3 2 4
(D) 4 5 1 2

29. Match the following : 
           List – I                                    List – II (Psychological Test)              (Constructed by) 
I. Standard Progressive Matrices  1. Cattell 
II. 16 Personality Factor Test        2. Murray & Morgan 
III. Thematic Apperception Test  3. Ravan 
IV. Inkblot Test                              4. Rosengweig                                                          5. Rorschach 
(A) 2 1 5 3 
(B) 3 1 2 5 
(C) 3 4 2 5 
(D) 5 1 4 3

30. Imposition of one’s own feelings on others is the defense mechanism called 
(A) Introjection 
(B) Identification 
(C) Projection 
(D) Displacement



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