Sunday, April 10, 2016



Let us see about seed germination
Growing plants from seeds:
Children if u eat an apple or an orange you will fine deeds inside. New plants can grow from these seeds.

Not all seeds grow into new plants. some seeds are eaten up by birds and insects. Some seeds get destroyed by the rain or wind. 
If seeds get sufficient amount of air, water, warmth it grows in to new plant.
A seed producing a new baby plant or seedling. This process we called as seed germination.
During the early stages of germination, the seedling gets the foods which it requires for its growth from the cotyledons. The food which stored in cotyledons has been used up the seedling gets its food from the soil.
The seedlings absorbs water and nutrients from the soil with the help of its roots. The it develops new leaves and grows in to a new a baby plant.
Now it requires air for seed germination. The air reaches the seed through pores in the soil. That is why soil is so important for plants growth.
After they germinate, they will struggle for air, water, light, nutrients and the space to grow. As a result, many of them would die. 


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