Tuesday, April 26, 2016



11. ‘Let nature and experience be your guide’ is a declared dictum of:
A. Pragmatism
B. Naturalism
C. Realism
D. Existentialism

12. The Indian school of philosophy close to realism is:
A. Budhhism
B. Jainism
C. Sankhya
D. Nyaya

13. ‘Education of the instinct’ is considered as unique contribution of:
A. Pragmatism Education
B. Naturalism Education
C. Realism Education
D. Existentialism Education

14. Which of the following is not form of culture?
A. Material
B. Non-material
C. Intelligence
D. Industrial
15. Most educated women today face many problems. Which of the following is not applicable:
A. They are paid less as compare to men
B. have jobs of lower status
C. Consider traditional rule unfit for them
D. Enjoy equal rights in the family

16. Dr.Radhakrishna University Education Commission’s Report said the following about religious education:
A. Religious education leads to spiritual education
B. Moral and religious education are the two poles of social education
C. Religious education is a must at higher stage
D. We do not want religious education, but education about religious

17. Population education means:
A. Education for family planning
B. Sex education from scientific point of view
C. Knowledge of the problem imposed by population growth
D. To understand the characteristics of different groups of population

18. The UGC was established in our country in the year:
A. 1956
B. 1953
C. 1949
D. 1963

19. A democratic society is one which:
A. Follows the principles of equality, freedom, fraternity and justice
B. Respected the enlightened individuals
C. Believes in equal opportunities
D. All the above

20. The ‘Modernization of education’ could be achieved through:
A. Vocationalising the education institutions
B. Including current scientific and technological development of curricula
C. Changing the curricula as frequency as possible
D. Improving the schools and colleges


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