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21. Education as sub system of the society:
A. Brings changes in the society and makes it modern
B. Creates rifts between educated and uneducated in the society
C. Dominates the society
D. Accept domination in the society

22. The role of home in education is:
A. To help child in acquisition knowledge
B. To interference in the function of school
C. To accept education as a value and to vitalize its spirit
D. To provide assistance and cooperation to school

23. Which one is not a National value:
A. Freedom of speech
B. Social justice
C. Sectarian faith
D. Fraternity

24. Which one of the following is not a social aim of Education:
A. Education for social service
B. Education for the perfection of individual
C. Education for citizenship
D. Education for social efficiency

25 Match the following List I and List II
                 List I                                      List II
A. Universal brotherhood            1. Spencer
B. Scientific Education                2. Gandhi
c. Social Education                      3. Tagore
D. Vardha scheme of education   4. Vivekananda
                                                    5. John Dewey
                                                    Answer: A-4, B-I, C-5, D-4

26. Pick out the need which has not been included in Maslow’s ‘B’ needs:
A. Creativity
B. Aesthetic
C. Enlightenment
D. Alienation

27. Which of the following is not associated with Freudian psychology?
A. Eras
B. Thantos
C. Libido
D. Archetype

28. Pick out the term which has not been used by piaget:
A. Assimilation
B. Organization
C. Scheme
D. Sublimation

29. The name of the psychologist associate with the IQ scam is:
A. Alfred Binet
B. Theodor simen
C. Cyril Lodiwic Burt
D. Howard Gardner

30. Indicate the statement which is not correct:
A. Ability to produce language is difference from the actual                   linguistic production
B. All natural languages of the world have same the underlying            structure and principles
C. Semantic development is slower than the syntantic development
D. Environment does not have any language acquisition.


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