Tuesday, March 29, 2016


31. Which of the following may NOT be identified through sociometry ?
A. Gifted
B. Isolated
C. Rejected
D. Most liked

32. Which of the following theories is NOT a personality theory:
A.  Intrapsychic theory
B. Type theories
C. Trait theory
D. System theory

33. Operant conditioning is mainly emphasis on:
A. The teacher
B. The learning material
C. The reinforcement
D. The environment

34. Good learning depends upon:
A. The teacher
B. Active interest on pupils
C. Active teaching methods
D. Judicious using of teaching aids

35. Participant observation method is used:
A. Experimental research
B. Ethnographic research
C. Historical research
D. Ex post facto research

36. The Standard error of measurement is:
A. Ann index of error in that estimate
B. An error related to the error in the measurement tool
C. An error of the standard deviation
D. An error the standardized test

37. Who said “Adolescence is a period of storm and stress”
A. Elizabeth Hurlock
B. Piaget
C. Freud
D. Staley

38. Which one of the following is correct?
A. When extreme value are not known one can use median
B. The midpoint on the scale of measurements is mean
C. The most frequently occurred score is standard deviation
D. The most popular central tendency is mode

39. Difference between two means is significant is 0.01 level of significance. It means that:
A. the value of t-ratio is equal to 1.96
B. the value of t-ratio exceeds 2.58
C. the value of t-ratio is 2.36
D. the value of t-ratio is 2.8

40. Which of the following is not a correct statement:
A. A test can be reliable without being valid
B. A test cannot be valid without being reliable
C. A test can be reliable and valid both
D. A test can be valid without being a reliable


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