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21. Asnake learning to dance to tune of a flute. Which of the following theories is appliable in this case?
A. Skinner's operant conditioning
B. Thorndike's connectionism
C. Kurt Lewin's feild theory
D. Pavlov's classical conditioning

22. Which of the following is in the process dimension of Guildford's structure of Intellect Model?
A. Semantic
B. Cognition
C. Units
D. Implication

23. 'Cultural captial' is :
A. The income generated by cultural organisation
B. The cultural practices taught in school
C. Cultural activities enacted by students in the school functions
D. The economic, social political, background of a student

24. There is more inter state imbalance in our country in:
A. Literacy rate
B. Social change
C. Social stratification
D. Social mobility

25. Secularism in our country is:
A.  Irreligious
B. Anti- religious
C. Non- religious
D. Pro- religious

26. Which of the following is more influential in deciding the sociology of education today in our country:
A. Religion
B. Political system
C. Modernization
D. Language

27. Asocial sub system the main role of Education is :
A. To pass on the social values to successive generations
B.  To point out and correct the defects in the society
C. To introduce modernization in the society
D. To help people to lead a peaceful life.

28. The sociological effects of more of technology in education will be:
A. Alienation in students
B. Modernization of the society
C. Cultural invasion
D. Collaboration in classroom learning

29. In the history of education in India, arrange in temporal sequence the predominant influence of the following:
A. Democracy
B. Religion
C. Politics
D. Modernization
Answer: b,c,a,d

30. Equal educational opportunity is a principle derived from:
A. Education sociology
B. Sociology of education
C. Economics of education
D. History of education

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