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11. "The 'rewards' play a significant role in learning" it is the main characteristic of which of the following approaches to learning?
A. Behaviorist
B. Humanistic
C. Cognitive
D. Scientific

12. A teacher is teaching science in class XI of large size with a large individual difference. Which one of the following strategy will be most suitable for managing individual difference:
A. Conducing discussion sessions
B. Using programmed learning material
C. Using good students for teaching weak
D. Using simple language while teaching

13. which of the following is not the function of guidance? Assisting an individual.
A. To a better job
B. To discover his own abilities
C. To boast over his position
D. To discover the strengths and weakness.

14. A mathematics teacher discussed some problems in the class room and then asked the 'students to work out some problems given in the book. students are practicing the law of:
A. Contiguity
B. Reinforcement
C. Readiness
D. Exercise

15. Education psychology is the science of studying:
A. Human behavior
B. Human science
C. Abnormal children in Education
D. Ways to modify students behavior in learning

16. Which of the following technique helps to develop creativity in students:
A. Group work
B. Brain storming
C. Collaborative learning
D. Questions-answer sessions

17. A student is working hard and solving mathematical problems as his father has promised to give him a motor cycle if he gets good marks. This means that student has:
A. Intrinsic motivation
B. Extrinsic motivation
C. Mathematical motivation
D. Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation

18. Match the following
          List I                                    List II
A. Bhattia                   1. Interest
B. Cattell                    2. Needs
C. Strong                    3. Attitude
D. Maslow                  4. Intelligence
                                   5. Personality  Answer:A-4,B-5,C-1,D-2
19. Which of the following is true for the 'growth and development':
A. Both are natural process
B. Growth is natural while development needs external intervention
C. If growth is satisfactory, development follows
D. Both the process go together without any external intervention

20. If a child develops logical operations from simple associations and can add abstract multiply and divide, then the stage of development he has reached is:
A. Sensory-motor
B. Pre-operational
C. Concrete operational
D. Formal operational

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