Thursday, January 14, 2016


Like other days, Balbir reached the tea stall after his breakfast. His brother Satvinder who had come from the village was also with him. The worker at the tea stall gave him a cup of tea and said – Here is today’s newpaper. How do you spend your whole day sitting here? Don't you get
bored – asked Satvinder.

Oh no! One does not realise how the time flies. Look at that group of children. As usual, they are late for school. Everyone is running ! The teacher is also late today. Oh! it seems her sandal has broken. She is going to Jaggu Bhai, to get it repaired.

 It’s good for him, he will get some money early in the morning.
Champa is sitting there with her basket full of flowers. The lady working in the post-office buys flowers from her everyday. The construction work has started again.

The truck is bringing materials. The workers will again be busy the whole day. Look there, the doctor and the nurse are entering the hospital together.
See Ramulu with his fruita – cart. These days he also brings Chinamma with him. Chinamma runs around – delivers fruits and collects money.

Nanu, the barber has laid out his shop – but whom will he shave?
Right in the middle of the crossing stands Iqbal Singh. Throughout the day, he blows his whistle and keeps shouting – move your vehicle from here, whee _ _ ee _ _ ee _ _, Hey, have you not heard me _ _ take the cart away.
Doctor these are doctors they work in hospital. They treat and examine patients.
Policeman: These are policeman they work in police station. They catch theifs.
Teachers: teachers are work in school. We learn many things from our teacher.
Nurses: they work in hospitals. They gave vaccination and ingestions.
Farmers: they work in fields. Grow vegetables and crops.
Barber: barber cut our hair.
Soldiers are army man: They works on the border of our country. Provide security & safety from the enemies of our country.
Post man: he works in post office. He deliver letter, money-orders, and speedposts.
Lawyers: they work in courts. they were black color dress.

Deepali is also one such girl who does not go to school. Let us read about her, Deepali is the eldest child in her family. Her father sells vegetables. He leaves for the mandi very early in the morning. Her mother washes utensils in some houses.

She also leaves for work early in the morning. Deepali cooks food for her brothers and sisters. She cleans the house and also washes the utensils. She is very fond of listening to the radio.

She listens to songs while she works. After finishing the work at home she goes to leave her brother with their father. She then takes her younger sisters, Suman and Sheila to school.

After that Deepali helps her mother in her work. In the afternoon, she brings her brother and sisters back home. In the evening she plays with other children in the neighbourhood.

 Her mother comes back home late in the evening. Deepali helps her mother cook dinner for the family. Her father comes home very late at night.

At night Deepali loves to lie in bed and read her sister's school books. She has studied upto class three. Three years back when her little brother was born she had to stay back home to take care of him. She could not study any more. She feels that reading books helps her to relax. Given a chance, even today, she would like to go back to school.


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