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I am a letter. A letter written with a pen and paper by Reena to her friend Ahmed. I was put in a letter box. The postman took me out and put me in a big bag.

Taking a ride on the postman’s bicycle, I reached the post office. There, I was taken out of the big bag and stamped hard. The stamp was of Agartala, from where my travel began.

After getting stamped I reached another big bag. This bag had many more letters, all heading for Delhi. The red postal van dropped me at the railway station. There I got into a train going to Delhi.

After a long journey of five to six days I reached Delhi. I was sorted as per the area mentioned in the address written on me. One more stamp was put on me. Finally, the postman dropped me at Ahmed’s house. Drop your letters in the letter-box. Now wait to receive the letter written to you by your friend.

One child will act as a postman. He or she will take out the letters from the letter-box and distribute them to all the children. Did you enjoy reading your friend’s letter?

Just as you wrote a letter to your friend, in the same way, your friends and relatives must also be sending letters to you. Bring some letters from home to school.

See how many different types of letters are there. Examples including appreciation letters, job applicationletters, employee letters, reference letters, thank you letters, and more.  Indian Post Office was established in 1837, Asia's first adhesive stamp, the Scinde Dawk, was introduced in 1852 by Sir Bartle Frere,

A post office is a customer service facility forming part of national postal system. Post offices offer mail-related services such as acceptance of letters and parcels; provision of post office boxes; and sale of postage stamps, packaging, and stationery.

postage stamps
are the little pieces of coloured paper that you stick on your letters to show the Post Office you have paid to have them delivered to their destination. What more is to be said about them? Well, a lot more actually so take a moment to think a bit about stamps!

The first ever postage stamp was the famous Penny Black. It was issued in 1840 and showed the head of the monarch of the time, Queen Victoria. The stamp showed that payment had been made for delivering the letter.
What is this! What are Razia and her Aapaa saying to each other about letter? Aapaa, do you know – today we learnt about the journey of a letter in the class. I want to write a letter to nani.

You can write a letter! I am going to make a phone call. If you want,
you can also come along. Razia and Aapaa went out to make a phone call from a shop in the village. Aapaa dialled the phone number and both of them talked to nani. They gave money to the shopkeeper and
returned home happily. What is this! What are Razia and her Aapaa saying to each other about letter?

In 1870 telegraph and telephone are both wire-based electrical systems, and Alexander Graham Bell's success with the telephone came as a direct result of his attempts to improve the telegraph.

When Bell began experimenting with electrical signals, the telegraph had been an established means of communication for some 30 years. Goodcommunication is essential to every organization: communication between organizations, and communication between parts of a single organization.

Internet – it is a huge collection of connective network. Internet was established in 1969 where 2 computers are successfully connected between two colleges of California.

E-Mail was first established in 1971 by a computer engineer. His name is Roy Tomlinson. E-mail is a system that allows messages to be sent and received by computers. E-mail is the most common form of electronic communication.

Video-conferencing is a system that allows people to have conversations and meetings with other people in different locations, but without leaving their office.

Avideo-conference involves people sitting in front of a camera and a microphone, whilst watching other people of a screen and listening to them through loudspeakers.

Mobile telephones allow people to be away from their workplace, yet still be contactable. This means that people can still work, even when out of the office. Modern smart-phones can perform a wide variety of tasks: Make and receive telephone calls just about anywhere
Send a receive SMS messages.
Send and receive e-mail
Send and receive files such as images, text documents, etc.

Fax is short for ‘facsimile’ which means ‘copy’.
A fax machine is a device that can send a copy of a paper document over the telephone network.The sending fax converts the light/dark areas of the printed document into noises.These noises travel through the phone system and are received by another fax machine.The receiving faxmachine converts the noises into printed marks on a piece of paper - making a copy of the original document.

Instead of using the post-office service and normal telephone network .
People are using other means of communication such as mobile phones, 
e-mail, fax, etc., These are modern ways of good communication.


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