Friday, January 15, 2016


Let us meet some children and see how they reach school

Bamboo Bridge - Assam:
It rains so much where we live. Sometimes after the rain, there is knee-high water everywhere. But that does not stop us from getting to school. We hold our books in one hand and bamboo with the other. We quickly cross the bamboo and rope bridge to reach school.

The Trolley- Ladakh:
Everyday we have to cross the river to get to school. The river is wide and deep. There is a strong iron rope across the river. On both the sides it is tied tightly with strong trees or rocks. There is a trolley (an open box made of wood) attached with the rope. Four or five of us sit in the trolley. A pulley helps the trolley to move across the rope. We reach the other side of the river in a short time.

We often need to go across some water bodies, so we use bridges. These are made of cement, bricks and iron rods. The bridgemay also have steps.

In some parts of Kerala, we use a vallam (small wooden boat) to reach school. Kerala.

Camel-cart Rajasthan:
We live in the desert. There is sand all around. It gets very hot in the day. We ride in a camelcart to reach school.

Bullock-cart- Village in the plains:
We ride in our bullockcart, going slowly through the green fields. If it is too sunny or raining, we use our umbrellas. 

We ride our bicycles on the long road to school. At first, girls here did not go to school, because it was too far. But now groups of 7-8 girls easily ride even through the difficult roads.

Jugad - What a Vehicle!
Look at our special transport. It sounds phut-phut-phut when it runs. Is it not something special! The front looks like a motorcycle but the carriage at the back is made out of planks of wood.

We have to go through a thick forest to reach school. At some places, it is so thick that even sunlight does not pass through. It is also very silent there, you can only hear the sounds of different birds and other creatures.

See, how we reach school! We go to school through miles of snow. We
hold hands and walk carefully. If the snow is soft, our feet sink into it. When the snow is frozen, we may slip and fall-Northern Hills.

We live in the mountains. The paths are rocky and uneven. The children who live in the plains will find it difficult to walk on these. But we can easily race up and down.



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