Friday, January 15, 2016


Who has got my ears…
Are these animals looking funny. The artist has drawn wrong ears on
the heads of the animals. Give correct ears to the animals in the space
given below.
Different animals have different kinds of ears
We can see the some of the animals ears.
We cannot see some of the amimals ears.
All the animals have ears even though we cannot see the ears.
Observe the animals ears carefully.
An animal with ears like fans
An animal with ears like leaves
An animal with ears on the top of its head
An animal with ears on both sides of its head
You know very well that ears help us to hear. In some animals you can see the ears, in some you can not. 
We can not see a bird’s ears. A bird has tiny holes on both sides of its head. Generally, the holes are covered with feathers. If you look carefully, A bird have tiny hole on each side of its head. The hole are generally covered with feathers.They help the bird to hear.
Animals like lizard crocodile etc also have tiny holes as ears but we cannot see them.
Whose Skin:
Now you know how to recognise animals by their ears. Let us see if we can recognise animals by their skin. The different patterns on the animals are due to the hair on their skin.
Have you ever seen an animal without hair or whose hair have been removed? Imagine how the animal would look if it did not have any hair on its skin. The different patterns on animals skin are due the hair on their skin.
So, what did you note? Those animals whose ears you can see have hair on their body. Then how these animals increase number.
Those animals that whose ears we can see,have hair on their body. These  animals directly give birth to young ones we called them as viviparous.
Ex: cow, dog cat….
These animals give birth to the young ones. Those animals that do not have ears on the outside, do not have hair on their body. These animals lay eggs. We called as oviparous.
Ex: birds, hen, lizard.



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