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16. ‘Coherence’ is the criterion of truth is
(A) Existentialism
(B) Idealism
(C) Marxism
(D) Naturalism

17. ‘Metaphysics’ means
(A) a branch of Physics
(B) exploring the nature of ultimate reality
(C) Physics of metals
(D) Physics of weather

18. The two basic divisions in Schools of Indian Philosophy are
(A) Vedanta and Buddhism
(B) Advaita and Dwaita
(C) Theistic and Atheistic
(D) Orthodox and Heterodox

19. The ultimate goal of education in Jainism is
(A) Non-violence
(B) Renunciation
(C) Liberation
(D) Philanthropy

20. The ceremony of initiation of education in Buddhism is called
(A) Vidyarambam
(B) Upanayanam
(C) Pabajja
(D) Uparampada

21. Researcher intends to ascertain the attitude of adolescents towards modernization, which one of the following tools is an appropriate one? 
(A) Projective Technique
(B) Interview
(C) Likert Scale
(D) Sociometry

22. Which of the following is incorrect as a measure of dispersion?
(A) Quartile Deviation
(B) Range
(C) Standard Deviation
(D) Sampling Error

23. A researcher prepared a report based on the interviews of 25 people. Under which category, this research can be placed?
(A) Quantitative
(B) Qualitative
(C) Historical
(D) Scientific

24. The Right to Education Act recently passed by our Parliament is an extension of the following article of our Constitution
(A) 13
(B) 15
(C) 45
(D) 55

25. Which of the following are essentially required on the part of the teacher for developing intercultural understanding in children?
I. Possession of knowledge of various cultures and subcultures.
II. Being progressive and open-minded
III. Being pious and religious
IV. Classroom communication skills choose the correct answers from the given options.
Codes :
(A) I and II
(B) II and III
(C) III and IV
(D) IV and I

26. What is the striking contrast between “acclimatization” and “naturalization”?
I. Acclimatization is adjusting to the external environment.
II. Acclimatization is changing the room temperature and air circulation using appliances.
III. Naturalization is change of attitude as required by the new context. 
IV. Acclimatization is external and Naturalization is internal. Choose the correct answers from the given options.
(A) I, II and III
(B) II, III and IV
(C) III, IV and I
(D) IV, I and II

27. Introspection method lacks in
(A) Reliability
(B) Validity
(C) Objectivity
(D) All the above three

28. Which of the following thinkers said ‘Literacy itself is not education, literacy is only a means to education’?
(A) J. Krishnamurti
(B) Swami Vivekananda
(C) Sri Aurobindo
(D) Mahatma Gandhi

29. Which teaching method was evolved by Naturalism?
(A) Heuristic Method
(B) Play way Method
(C) Scientific Method
(D) Project Method

30. Choose the correct or the best answer among the following: ‘Philosophy’ means
(A) Consoling oneself while facing disappointments in life.
(B) A form of religion.
(C) Attempt to find answer to fundamental and ultimate questions.
(D) Sophisticated arguments.

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