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41. If a test measures mastery level achievement in a subject, it is known as 
(A) Criterion-referenced test 
(B) Diagnostic test 
(C) Norm-referenced test 
(D) Prognostic test

42. In an ethnographical study which of the following technique is most appropriate ? 
(A) Psychological testing 
(B) Questionnaire 
(C) Observation 
(D) Sociometry

43. The correlation between X and Y is significant. It means that 
(A) X causes variation in Y. 
(B) X and Y vary together. 
(C) Y causes variation in X. 
(D) X and Y vary independently.

44. If Q1 , Q2 and Q3 represent 1st, 2nd and 3rd quartiles respectively and Q semi intrinsic quartile then Q may be written as 
(A) Q1 – Q3 
(B) Q3 – Q1 2 
(C) Q3 + Q1 2 
(D) Q2 – Q1

45. If K is added to every score of a distribution with mean ‘M’ and standard deviation ‘s’, the new standard deviation will be 
(A) K 
(B) s 
(C) s + K 
(D) Ks

46. If each z-score of a distribution of scores is multiplied by 10 and the result increased by 50, the standard deviation of the resulting numbers would be 
(A) 50 
(B) 40 
(C) 10 
(D) 5

47. Which of the following types of test-items make a ‘supply type’ test ? 
(A) Multiple choice 
(B) Matching 
(C) Classification 
(D) Completion

48. Which of the following purposes demands Action Research ? 
(A) Developing a theory 
(B) Writing a thesis 
(C) Solving a classroom problem 
(D) Testing a theory

49. Median is also known as a. 5% point b. 50th percentile c. 2nd quartile d. 5th decile 
(A) acb 
(B) bca 
(C) bcd 
(D) cda

50. Match the following List-I with List-II.
   List-I (Type of Correlation)          List-II (Nature of Variables) 
(a) Biserial Correlation            (i) Continuous v/s continuous 
(b) Pie coefficient                    (ii) Continuous v/s Dichotomous 
(c) Point-biserial correlation   (iii) Dichotomous v/s Dichotomous 
(d) Tetrachoric correlation      (iv) Dichotomized v/s Dichotomized 
                                                 (v) Continuous v/s Dichotomized 

(A) iv i v ii
(B) v iii ii iv
(C) iii ii v ii
(D) v iv ii i

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