Wednesday, March 14, 2018


31. Who has given the theory of ‘Social Learning’ ?
(A) Thorndike
(B) Spearman
(C) Albert Bandra
(D) Watson

32. Law of exercise enables students to
(A) Diligence(B) Intelligence
(C) Insight
(D) Problem solving

33. Which of the following students need their teachers attention ?
(A) Introvert
(B) Slow learners
(C) Gifted
(D) All of these

34. Which one of the following conditions qualifies to be an instance of negative reinforcement ?
(A) Giving a punishment
(B) Withholding a reward
(C) Withdrawing a painful stimulus
(D) Excessive rewarding

35. A child who uses a wheel chair
(A) should not be in the regular school.
(B) should study only in a special school.
(C) should be given education with non-disabled students in a regular school.
(D) should be given education in a regular school in a lower class.

36. “School is a community in miniature, a micro society.” What do the terms “Community” and “Society” signify in the context ?
I. Community signifies freedom.
II. Community signifies equal treatment to all.
III. Society signifies equality of educational and job opportunities.
IV. Society signifies control. Choose the correct answer from the given codes : Codes :
(A) III and II
(B) III and I
(C) III and IV
(D) I and IV

37. ‘Individual Differences’ are given the least importance in
(A) Idealism
(B) Realism
(C) Naturalism
(D) Pragmatism

38. What is the basic criterion for social class ?
(A) Occupation
(B) Status
(C) Religion
(D) Locale of Residence

39. On the basis of an achievement test, the teacher rated Ram, Shyam & Dhyan as 1st, 2nd & 3rd respectively. This is an example of
(A) Ratio Scale
(B) Ordinal Scale
(C) Internal Scale
(D) Nominal Scale

40. If the tenth grade students find science test to be very easy and majority of them scored high marks, the resulting description would be
(A) Normal
(B) Mesokurtic
(C) Skewed to the left
(D) Skewed to the right

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