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11. What is the view of Educational Sociologists on Character Education ?
(A) Character Education is the exclusive province of the home and religious organizations.
(B) Character Education is impossible without religious and denominational doctrine
(C) Character Education is best handled by giving the target ready  made judgements.
(D) Character Education should involve the direct discussion of moral issues.

12. “Investment in Education is the single, largest item of expenditure, next to defense, in many countries today.” What is the social justification ?
I. Education has become a pressing need under globalization.
II. Education is the Panacea for social ills.
III. Education produces unselfish and competent leaders for establishing polity. IV. Education helps to procure security, prosperity and social well-being for all. 
Choose the correct answer from the given
codes : Codes :
(A) I and III
(B) II and IV
(C) I and II
(D) III and IV

13. Which was the major factor for caste distinction in India before independence ? 
(A) Religion
(B) Poverty
(C) English Education
(D) Family Occupation

14. Deductive Reasoning helps in
(A) Research Reporting
(B) Formulation of Hypothesis
(C) Data Analysis
(D) Tools Preparation

15. Which method focuses on generating new hypothesis ?
(A) Pattern
(B) Deductive
(C) Inductive
(D) None is correct

16. The feasibility of a research study should be considered in the light of
(A) Potential ethical concerns
(B) Skills required for the researcher
(C) Cost and time required to conduct the research
(D) All of above

17. Which of the following is not the feature of symbols assigned to categories on a nominal scale ?
(A) No quantitative meaning
(B) Nothing more than labels or names
(C) May be ordered according to magnitude
(D) Cannot be subjected to arithmetic operations

18. The learning theories under behaviourist category are based on the belief that 
(A) Child is a natural learner.
(B) Environment can change a man.
(C) All behaviors can be learnt.
(D) Everybody can learn everything.

19. Burner identified three major stages of cognitive growth. Identify the correct order of the stages.
(A) Symbolic, Iconic, En active
(B) Iconic, Symbolic, En active
(C) En active, Iconic, Symbolic
(D) Symbolic, En active, Iconic

20. Army Beta test is an example of
(A) Individual verbal test of intelligence
(B) Group non-verbal test of intelligence
(C) Group verbal test of intelligence
(D) Performance test

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