Tuesday, January 30, 2018


11. Schools are institutions because :
(A) They preserve and instill in future generations our culture.
(B) They suggest ways and means of social progress.
(C) They suggest solutions social problems.
(D) They are established by the society.

12. Which of the following works as a powerful barrier against vertical mobility in India ?
(A) Caste 

(B) Class
(C) Occupation 
(D) Jobs

13. Which of the following is not defence mechanism ?
(A) Association
(B) Regression
(C) Compensation
(D) Sublimation

14. Which of the following is incorrect pairing ?
R–O–S Theory of Learning – I.P. Pavlov
S–R Theory – of Learning R. Guthri
R–S Theory of learning – C.I. Hull
S–O–R Theory of learning – B.F. Skinner

15.View that “Anything can be taught at any stage of development” was expressed by
(A) Piaget 
(B) Asobel
(c) Bruner 
(D) Gagne

16. Which of the following is the correct pairing ?
Sign–Gestalt Theory of Learning – Bruner
Classical Theory of Learning – Kohler
Gestalt Theory of Learning
Field Theory of Learning – Tolman
Operant Theory of Learning – Pavlov

17. “Give me a dozen of healthy children, I can make them doctors,
        judges, magistrates, beggars even thieves.” This comment                made by
(A) J.B. Watson 
(B) Hull
(C) Yung 
(D) Gurthrie

18. “A person’s psychological physical environments are identical” is the view of
(A) The Functionalists
(B) The Structuralists
(c)The Gestalt Field Psychologists
(D) The s-r Associationists

19. Find out the odd one.
(A) Originality 
(B) Punctuality
(C) Flexibility 
(D) Fluency

20. “Things as they are and as they are likely to be encountered in life rather than words” was the slogan of
(A) Pragmatists
(B) Realists
(C) Idealists 
 (D) Existentialists

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