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21. Which of the following is included in the implied concept of school of as a social agency?
A. Curriculum should be organized in terms of social values
B. Curriculum should be organized in terms of development of knowledge
C. Curriculum should be organized as per needs of individual child
D. Curriculum should be organized in terms of local needs.

22. Which one of the following is not one of the four pillars of education?
A. Learning to know
B. Learning to be
C. Learning to do
D. Learning to live peacefully with others

23. “Educational change and social change are interdependent, but which is the cause and which is the effect cannot determined” are the view of
A. Gandhi
B. Ottaway
C. Dewey
D. August comte

24. Stratification in society is based on:
A. Power, property and prestige
B. Culture, caste and class
C. Education, Earning and empowerment
D. Motivation. Mobility and material possession

25. Educational psychology is not:
A. A behavior science
B. A applied science
C. A Social science
D. A normative science Answer-::

26. Identify the true statement from the following
A. A certain level of intelligence is essential for being creative
B. Highly intelligent person is highly creative
C. A person with low intelligence can be creative
D. Intelligence and creative are not releated with each other

27. “Negative reinforcement” means:
A. No presenting any stimulus
B. Presenting an unpleasant stimulus
C. Punishment
D. Terminating an unpleasant stimulus

28. ‘Programmed learning” is based on:
A. Field theory
B. Operant conditioning
C. Gestalt conditioning
D. Classical conditioning

29. Enquiry learning is conducting due the development of:
A. Memory
B. Imagination
C. Cognitive skills
D. Creativity
30. Match the following List I and List II
                 List I                                   List II
A. Scheduled of reinforcement       1. Maslow
B. Equilibration                               2. Carl rogers
C. Student centered learning           3. Piaget
D. Self-actualisation                       4. Skinner
                                                       5. Bandura

                                                       Answer:A-4, B-3,C-2, D-1


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