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41. A researcher is developing items bank for an achievement test in subject A, where items can be neither right or wrong. He has selected upper (27%) items and lower (27%) of the groups for item analysis. Which of the following is the most appropriate method for determining directly validity of an item?
A. Point-biserial
B. Phi-coefficient
C. Chi-square
D. Terachoric

42. A researcher wants to study association between variables x and y whereas there is a variable z which influence both. If he wants to study the real value he do so by:
A. Calculate partial correlation
B. Calculate multiple correlation
C. Calculate product moment correlation
D. Using X2

43. If a researcher wants to study achievements in a school subjects with respect to the intelligence than he as to take;
A. One variable in nominal scale and other in interval scale
B. Both are in Ratio scale
C. Both are in Nominal scale
D. One variable in ratio scale and other in interval scale

44. purposeful sampling refers to:
A. Strategies to find information rich-cases simultaneously
B. Sampling procedure design before the collecting the data
C. The least desirable strategy to comprehensive sampling
D. A type of probability sampling

45. Match the following List I and List II
                         List I                                     List II
A. Tests theories and explains relations    1. Applied research
In behavioral science
B. Tests usefulness in a scientific              
2. Basic research
Theories in a given field
C. Established an accepted bodies            3. Evaluation research
Of research based knowledge
Theories in a given field
D. Assesses the merit and worth
A particular practice at a given site
                                                              Answer: A-1, B-2, C-2, D-3

46. Two characteristics of ex-post-facto research;
A. Randomization and comparization of groups
B. Non- Randomization and manipulation of independent variables
C. Non- Randomization and non- manipulation
D. Non- manipulation and Randomization

47. Which of the following circumstances are necessities the use of quasi experimental:
A. Experimenter has to collect data by himself
B. A pretest has to be determined
C. When more than one independent variable as to be introduced
D. Experimenter cannot assign randomly

48. preparation of a research proposal involves:
A. Using the first person voice in writing
B. Using an unique format and style
C. Letting the typist format design and style
D. Carefully followed the required format and style

49. Match the following List I and List II
                     List I                            List II
A. Construct validity              1. Measures of fair representation
B. content validity                  2. Measures of theoretical processes
C. Concurrent validity           3. Measures of product/performance
                                               4. Measures of agreement with known results
                                              Answer: A-1, B-2, C-3

50. For the quantitative research the external validity refers to:
A. The use of research results in only the setting of that study
B. How well the research was done
C. The characteristics of the subjects of the study
D. The generalization of the subjects of the study.


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