Tuesday, March 1, 2016


What do spices give us?
Spices, like everything else, are made of chemicals. Spices give us health, colour and fragrance and most of all they keep life from getting monotonous. Spices hide in them our traditions and culture.
let’s study about some spices which we uses in our daily kitchen.

I can be powdered fine
To make food hot and spicy,
If too much of me is added
I make you gasp – shheee… shheee…
Your eyes and nose begin to water
And you cry!
Think and tell me who am I?
Tell me quickly, who am I- Red Chilly

Red Chili Powder is also known as lal mirch powder. This is one of the most powerful hot spice which can easily affect the ears, tongue and stomach. Indian food or Indian recipes are greatly influenced with this  chili powder. You can easily get red chili powder in the grocery stores.

Chilli powder is the base for making any flavored, hot and spicy food.
The Chilli powder is greatly used for various types of veg and non-veg  food materials. It is highly incorporated in various salads  and tomato based sauces.The ethnic dishes are mostly imparted with the flavor and heat blend of the chilli powder.


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