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21. The type of error involving the acceptance of null hypothesis when it is false is known as:
A. Type I error
B. Type II error
C. Type III error
D. Type IV error

22. Which of the following is not correct:
A. The simplest measures of dispersion is range
B. Semi-inter quartile range is standard deviation
C. Algebra signs (+ or -) are totally ignored in mean deviation
D. One half the scale between Q3 and Q is Quartile deviation

23. The primary purpose of fundamental research is to:
A. solve an immediate problem
B. Extend the existing body of knowledge
C. Study the problem of the past
D. Solve a problem for providing information for decision making

24. The distribution of mesokertic in nature wen the value of kurtosis is equal to:
A. 0.236
B. O.363
C. 0. 263
D. 0. 362

25. The statistic variance refers to the:
A. Square of standard deviation
B. Square root of standard deviation
C. Difference between standard deviation and average deviation
D. Difference between the means and standard deviation

26. Standard error in mean refers to;
A. Error in computation mean
b. Error in making use of appropriate formula for computate mean.
C. The difference between sample and population mean
D. The difference between values of mean and standard deviation

27. The distribution of platykurtic in nature when the value of kurtosis is:
A. Greater than 0.263
B. Greater than 0.253
C. Greater than 0.243
D. Greater than 0.233

28. Individuals with ___________ intellectual ability are highly vulnerable to the attack of self- destructive intelligence syndrome:
A. Very high
B. Moderate
C. Low
D. Very low

29.Which of the following is aproject technique of personality measurement
A. Questionnaire
B. Rating scale
C. Rorschach ink scale
D. Interview

30. Which one of the following is not a humanistic psychologist:
A. Eric Frowm 
B. Rollo May
C. Carl Rogers
D. Adler


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