Monday, March 7, 2016


Nerves cells are specialized  for receiving, analyzing and transmitting the information. These cells receive information from various internal and external organs, this information is interpreted, analyzed and integrated by the nerve cells.
These cells also generate appropriate responses which are communicated to internal and external organs of the body.
Nervous systems is made up of two kinds of cells- nerve cells or nervous and supporting cells or glia. Neurons have a cell body which larger than the rest of the cell from the body cell body.
They are given by two types of process 1- large number of short branched tapering process called dendrites. 2. A single long cylinder process called axon. Both these process connect one neuron to another neuron.
Neuron receives information through through the dendrites and transmits information through axon.
Usually axons of several nerve cells form bundles called nerve. The axon is covered with a membrane called myelin sheath.
In the earlier classes you have already learnt that nerves send information to brain in the form of electrical currents. Whenever, a nerve is stimulated, it produces a small electrical current 0.055V called action potential.
These are generated near the cell body and travel down the length of axon- and are passed on to the other neuron. The dendrites of the another neurons receive the information and passes it on to the cell body for processing and this process is repeated.


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