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In this lesson we are learning about different types of plants.

The girl who’s name is Didi. she is talking about her weekend field trip to his brothers and sisters. Last Sunday, we went to a garden in the
neighborhood. We played Hide and Seek and Antakshari.We had a lot of fun.

After sometime, Didi said- Let us play a new game today. We had played this game in the camp last year. I will become a ‘Plant fairy’.

 The ‘Plant fairy’ will call out a name of something and you all will have to touch it. The game began. Didi said -The ‘Plant fairy’ asks you to touch a plant. At once, all the children ran towards the plants.

Ammu held the marigold plant. Shabnam sat touching a jasmine plant.
Michael touched a mehendi bush. Dayaram  hold of a neem tree and stood there.

Didi said —Very good! Everyone has touched a plant. But have you noticed that all the plants are different from each other? Didi, you are also sitting on little plants, said by Shabnam. Didi said observed the plant. Let us tell me the difference?

They noticed some plants are very big, some are small. Some plants are climbing with the support. Some are creeping on the ground.

Creepers: creepers grow above the round. They have very week stem. They produce heavy weight fruits.
Example: tomato, watermelon.

Climbers: climbers are also have week stem but they take support to
climb up. Example: grapes, Money plant.

Herbs are leafy green plants. These plants are useful for food, medicines, flavoring and perfume. They produce flowers. Herbs are includes in roots, flowers, leaves and seeds.
Example: spinach, coriander, mint, grass, wheat etc.

Shrubs are small woody plants. plants have softy stem body. They are smaller then trees. They grow just above the ground. Shrubs have week stems. They cannot grow much more height like trees.

Example: rose and jasmine plant.

A tree is a tall plant with trunk and branches made of wood. Trees live for a long time. Trees are useful for shelter and food. They have thick and long trunk.
Example: Mango and Neem tree.

The children ran again to touch the trees with thick or thin trunks. The game started again. The ‘Plant fairy’ now said-Touch a tree which has either a thick or a thin trunk.

Stem gives shape and support to the palnt. Stem transport water from root to all parts of the palnt body. It also transport food from leaves to all parts of the plant body.stems have branches and leaves.some are stem thick and thin.

Michael found the game very interesting. He thought, how lucky the fairy was. She could order everyone around.

Now, I want to be the ‘Plant fairy’- said Michael. The children laughed aloud – A boy fairy ! They were now ready to take orders from the new ‘Plant fairy”. Michael said- Get me some leaves quickly.

But remember you are not to pluck the leaves from the plants
said Didi. The children ran to collect the leaves which were lying
on the ground.

Do all the leaves have similar colours, shapes and margins? 
Dayaram said- I did not know that there were so many types of leaves. Look, some are round, some are long and some are triangular.

Ammu said-They are of so many different colours as well. Some are light green and some are dark green leaves.  Some are even yellow, red and purple. There is one which is green but has white patches on it.

Look, even the margins of these leaves are different from each other. Some have straight margins and some uneven. Some of these margins even look like a saw

Shabnam observed. Leaves are called power house of the plant. They prepare food for the plant body.

They take carbon-di-oxide inside and release oxygen out side. They need water, chlorophyll and carbon-di-oxide in the presence of sun light to prepare food. This process is called photosynthesis.

Some leaves are green in color because the presence of chlorophyll it is a colour pigment. Some are even yellow leaves, because the presence of carotinoide. 

Ammu and Shabnam shouted together – We also want to be the ‘Plant fairy.’Didi said – Not today, may be next Sunday. It is time to go home now. Thank you

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